Fried Cabbage with Smoked Turkey

cabbageCabbage is one of my favorite foods. I could probably eat it every day. Cooked up exactly how I am about to show you. I actually did this for a while. Ate cabbage every day. I went back and forth from green to red. And I even discovered the beauty and deliciousness of cabbage chips for when I am on the go with no time to fry some up! (Click the link to get in on that action).

What also made this meal SO good was the turkey. One of the advantages of being an adult and being married at the Paulin’s is that you get a smoked turkey for Christmas. My grandfather and uncle are master freaking smokers. Because neither Zach nor I are big turkey fans, we rarely eat it, but this turkey was perfect. Perfect salty. Perfectly juicy and moist.

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Gooseburgers with Rutabaga Fries

goose.jpgLast week I had scheduled and planned on all my calendars and agendas that I was going to make and post a recipe with venison.

Fast-forward to Thursday, I had got some great work done at the library. I was feeling creative. I felt like cooking. Initially I was thinking I would maybe make a gluten-free venison meatloaf. Upon opening my fridge it hit me that what I really wanted was to make a burger with rutabaga fries. I ran into a snag upon opening the meat. I get all my wild game from my father, in lout of Zach and I hunting (or Zach butchering a duck). I was told to pull from the freezer (which my dad has stocked at all times because that’s all he’ll eat). Not knowing any differently, I reached in and pulled out three packs. One was a deer we at in Michigan, with Zach’s aunt Pam and uncle Dave. One happened to be a heart. And then the package I opened on Thursday, I noticed had feathers. Definitely not venison. Goose.

Now I was raised on wild game and I have eaten goose many times in the past (one of my favorite recipes is for goose jerky), however, I will be very honest that it’s never been one of my favorites. And the look on Zach’s face when I said it was goose, was one of unsureness and a tinge of terror. To say we were both apprehensive of how dinner would turn out, would be an understatement. Granted by that point I was more nervous about whether he would like it, than eating it myself.

So I moved on with my plan and proceeded to make goose burgers. I learned to just use my food processor to grind meat up on my own from my father. And they looked like typical burgers when I was cooking them in the skillet. But then there was the moment of truth. When we put them on a bun of lettuce and had to eat them……… Continue reading

GF Hot Chocolate Pie

15622123_591421544401807_2452935557378638982_nI’ve been trying lately to post more savory recipes and things that I actually eat, but sometimes you’ve got to treat yourself. And although I made this for a market, and I don’t typically share recipes that I sell, I decided to make an exception since I won’t be making them for another year.

It is winter after all, and hot chocolate cravings are real. On cold, icy, rainy or snowy days I want something hot to drink (usually I am a hot tea or coffee girl. But sometimes you feel a little nostalgic. You want to feel like that child version of yourself. The one who loved winter. Especially snow days. And who would try to be out there sledding even with the tiniest bit of snow. Who loved a good snow ball fight or to build snowmen or forts. Who enjoyed the thrill flying down a hill (usually slightly out of control) at top speed, seeing how far you can go. Laughing and smiling effortlessly. Worn out and rosy-cheeked by the time you were done, you were begging your parents (or grandparents) for some hot chocolate.

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Duck Breast with a Root Hash


I come from a family of hunters. My whole life it was common in the fall and winter for my father to be gone early in the morning. Out in the woods or in a field or on the river hunting something. Or fishing. I come from a family of fishermen. I grew up dragging deer out of the woods and helping my brother butcher animals. We ate venison and squirrel and duck and goose and wild turkey. Whatever my father brought home. He shot a moose in the Yukon and we ate off of it for half the year. When I said I wanted to join them in my early twenties, my brother bought me a bow for my birthday. I had to field dress all the deer we got that year to practice. And we practiced shooting constantly. We went to the shooting range  together to sight in our muzzle loader. I was going to be taught to hunt the right way. And I was going to learn to butcher a deer by myself. My survival skills are pretty good. Plus I like venison.

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standingIt is a family tradition to go hunting on Thanksgiving. Normally my brother posts up in the woods (or in a tree stand) and Dad, my nephew Gavin, my nephew Trenton, and I drive deer. And if Cliff shoots something, we work together to track and drag the deer together. This year my new husband got to join the crew. A week after our hunt, I got a call from my father, that my boss of nephew Trenton, had decided he wanted a hunt of his own. Cliff can have Thanksgiving, but Christmas would be his. For Christmas he made us all necklace of leather and old antlers to wear. And on December 26th we headed out in the woods together. My dad settled in with Trenton, ready to guide him if a deer came his way. I would love for their to be a fairy-tale ending, but the truth is that we walked away empty-handed. The does were all running to fast and the only deer that was close enough for him was a nice 8-10 point buck. This particular week, however, you are allowed to only shoot does. The main thing, though, is that we had fun. We had a little shooting contest afterwards and the whole morning was just pleasant.

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Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Bell Peppers

img_20161208_194007Often time’s dinner at our house comes from me scanning the fridge and grabbing things at random. Pulling them out and confidently deciding that it is going to be delicious. A lot of cooking and baking is confidence. I’ve worked in bakeries making all kinds of delicious pies and cakes and treats, even though I am gluten-free and never tried any of them. Baking to me is fun. And intuition. I bake on instinct. I have no technical training but I do have a load of love, creativity, and inner guidance. I  KNOW when something tastes good. I won’t lie that I also don’t measure usually, especially when baking for myself. I go on instinct. And when I am vibing and feeling it in the kitchen, my food is at its best. Confidence. If you don’t believe in what you are doing or making, why should anyone else? Don’t wait on validation or for someone else to tell you, you’re awesome. Believe in yourself (and others) first. Only you know you’re full vision. No one else, they can support you, but the drive for your own vision has to come from you, and you alone.

So one night Zach is working and I want him to come home to a delicious meal. The fridge is looking slightly bare (really bare), especially on vegetable side options. One thing I can usually bank on, however, is that I can find a sweet potato. We always have some on hand. Sure enough, that is what I found. Sweet potatoes and some bell peppers. I typically dice up the sweet potatoes and sauté them in a pan. Zach makes fun of me, that all my dinners are goulashes. I opted for mashing the sweet potatoes to break my norm. Roast the peppers, get some nice flavors going. Serve it with some bacon wrapped pork loin. Tasty and filling!

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Triple Berry Thumbprint Cookies


I really loved the flavor of everything I made last week, but I also thought they were slightly monochromatic.

This week I wanted to add some colors and other flavors. Monday’s delicious cookies were Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake (click the link to check them out).

Today’s are a beautiful little thumbprint. Although I will rat myself out and confess that I didn’t allow enough time for the dough to hang out and chill, so they lost there shape a little, they were hands down my favorite tasting cookie I have made the last two weeks. Especially when they were fresh and warm.

Triple Berry Thumbprint

For the dough:

  • 1 cup butter, room temperature
  • 2/3 cup honey
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 cups almond flour
  • 1/2 cup triple berry jam
  • pinch of salt

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Orange Vanilla Cookies


I wanted something different from all the nut, sugar cookies I was making last week. I wanted something subtly good. Something unsuspecting. Orange is a common holiday flavor and I wanted to let it stand on its own, rather than always being paired with cranberries.

These cookies were good too. Soft. There is a hint of orange, not overpowering. Not your traditional holiday cookie. It was a nice change of pace. Maybe drizzle some white chocolate on it. Or some finely chopped macadamia nuts.

Orange Vanilla Cookies


  • 2 sticks unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tbsp grated orange zest
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1/3 tbsp cup tapioca flour
  • 2 1/2 cups almond flour

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