Fire Rutabaga Fries

067These fries literally seemed to set my mouth on fire when I first made them, but I love that punch. The strong flavor at the end, that makes food fun, it’s a little surprise waiting on you a few seconds later. I did a vlog one time for dad where I discussed flavor. I think cooking in general is a way to express yourself. I know for me at least it is one of the best ways to express myself. I truly love baking and cooking for others. That burning passion manifests in my meals. But also flavor is so important to food. You want to like what you’re eating right? Seasoning is a big way to do that. Creating different flavor profiles is fun, but also a form of expression. The way we season often reflects our personalities, it can show who we are (or who we think we are). My mom is a sweet girl. She has a heavy cinnamon hand. She is bubbly, vibrant and definitely oozing sweetness. My dad is a simple salt and pepper guy, but sometimes he throws some spice in there. My dad has definitely got some kick. He is who is and he’s not afraid to say what he believes is true. I on the other hand like to think of myself as the best of both worlds. My go to flavor profile is a savory, sweet, simple balance. I season nearly everything with cinnamon (eggs and meat included), a pinch of salt (simple is a key phrase for me, I’ve spent the last three years simplifying my life. Getting rid of the clutter, moving into my little shed, and focusing on being grateful for the important things in my life.), and a touch of spice like a Creole (so even though I’m the meditative, reflective dreamer who talks about love, I am also an honest straight-shooter like my father. I have my own thoughts and I’m not afraid to share them or to say no).

So create a flavor profile. Experiment, that’s what life is, trial and errors. Flops and successes, stepping-stones, and lesson after lesson. Never failure, I absolutely despise that word. There’s no such things. There is no rule book for life. Write and live your own story. Take it to the kitchen. Play around, gain experience. Write a cookbook for your palate. Have fun! Wow sorry I got a little windy there, at least today’s recipes is quick and convenient.

Rutabaga Firey Crinkle Fries

  • Rutabaga
  • Salt
  • Ghee (or coconut oil or macadamia would probably be good too)
  • jalapeno

To Make: I used a crinkle cutter and cut into rectangles, but a good old, trusty knife and straight edges work just as well. Spread into a pan. Melt oil. Salt to taste. I also a Creole seasoning. Sprinkle with peppers. Put in the oven at 415 degree setting. Let cook for 30 minutes or so or until crispy. Some like fries really crispy-like my mom. I am not that patient though, when making them for myself I don’t cook them as lon. Just pay attention to them and cook them to your preference, so long as they don’t turn into charcoal I think you’re good! Eat them up, I enjoyed mine with the chicken livers coming tomorrow.

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