Seeweed Egg Bliss

013 - CopyThis is how I really eat most of the time!! I love eggs. I could eat them all day everyday. In fact when I took off to California to explore Yosemite, I had my backpack and 4 dozen hard-boiled eggs. Often I don’t even like fruit, so an omelet style morning meal is ideal for me. I also really enjoy seaweed. Anytime I’m in Indy, mom and I are quick to pick up some seaweed chips. I began adding them to my eggs, it gave them a different taste and provided some added tastiness. And I get some sea nutrients right out the gate. The omelet itself can have infinite amounts of vegetables.

  • 3 pasture-raised eggs
  • diced cherry tomatoes
  • diced mushrooms
  • diced sweet peppers
  • diced onions
  • seaweed chips
  • 3 cubes of bone broth (recipe for bone broth coming soon!)
  • Salt, Cayenne Pepper, and a touch of cinnamon

To Make: Saute tomatoes, peppers, onions, and sweet peppers in either coconut oil or grassfed ghee. Add the eggs and seasonings of your taste buds. Nuke your bone broth or heat up on the stove. Add broth right at the end of cooking your eggs- don’t let them brown, overcooked eggs can turn you from them instantly. Shred seaweed and add to the mix. That’s it, a nutritious yummy breakfast that I could eat everyday.

3 thoughts on “Seeweed Egg Bliss

    1. If you’ve had sushi they wrap them in nori, which is a dried seaweed. I find them to be crisp, green, and salty when you eat them alone. You can also get them in flakes, like kelp, which you could use like salt. I personally like them and these ones are cost friendly too so for me they’re a win.

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