Biscuits and Gravy

I confess I am not a big fan of breakfast meals. Bacon and eggs I feel are not limited to the confines of a breakfast definition. They are free to be eaten anytime of day. Growing up I frequently tried to get out of breakfast, and I often snuck my oatmeal bowl towards my dad whenever my dad turned his head or left the room. That being said, one cooking class I decided: let’s make biscuits and gravy. Although again I have to admit I personally was a creamed eggs kind of girl, I’ll have to adopt this soon in the future, so you too can enjoy it. I digress. Anyways, I made this biscuits and gravy (using a heart-shaped silicon muffin pan for the biscuits) and it turned out pretty tasty. It could make me rethink my prejudice upbringing to breakfast foods.

Britt’s Biscuits and Gravy

Heavenly Coconut Cake

Last summer I needed to raise some funds to get my ass to Colorado. My natural outlook to raise some money? Cook! I baked my little heart out for weeks. This was one of the most liked dishes. I personally am passionate about the taste of coconut, however, I realize it is often hit or miss. Either you love it or you hate it, and I know plenty of people who dislike coconut. My own mother, my flesh and blood, is not a big coconut fan (I know if I didn’t look like her, I’d suggest I was adopted). She did love this cake, though. She requested I make it two days in a row and was on the edge of threatening everyone to try it. Perfect texture, it worked out great. The first time I actually had a batch of macadamia nuts on hand, so I made a caramel with it, which I thinly layered on the cake before icing. Wow, like holy shit, talk about good!

Heavenly Coconut Cake

Liver Stuffed Rollups

I like to mix up the sweets with something outside of the box. I don’t typically eat the actual treats, although I love to make. Most of the time you’ll finding me eating the same things. And I keep it simple. Here’s some eggs and a piece of fruit. Done, breakfast is over. I do have a vivid imagination and creativity coming out of the ass, however. And cooking is a way for me to express myself to others. I really enjoy making good food for other people. Lately I have been looking at the quality of what I’ve been eating. Prompting myself with: how can I eat better today. How can I be healthier today? How can I stress less? Sleep enough? Exercise just right? And meditate to serenity today? How can I get more nutrients? This last one brings me to today’s post. I wholeheartedly believe in pasture-raised and grass fed meat/dairy. I also am a huge fan of the Weston A. Price foundation. Check out their website and you’ll learn about the benefits of liver and high-vitamin butter. Confession: I’ve been slacking on my liver. Now I am committed. I’ve pulled out my chicken liver pate, I’ve got some celery, boom a nice snack during the day. Next up what about an actual meal. When I’m having this Epiphany of quality, my brother-in-law just so happens to come into some tongue and liver to use at my disposal. And they’re getting another 1/2 calf, meaning I’ll have more coming my way. Also meaning there will be more coming your way. I know you can’t wait for the tongue recipe I have coming! Anyways, here is recipe number one of Let’s it Liver mindset.

Stuffed Liver Rolls

Red, White, & Blue Pie Stunner

001Sorry I am finally posting the beautiful pie I made for our family 4th. It was so stunning my uncle Eric requested his wife take pictures to make it for his birthday. And he hadn’t even tasted it yet! As I mentioned the other day, this side of my family has a couple Celiac’s and some gluten-intolerances. Therefore they love when I walk through the door with some kind of gluten-free yumminess. My aunt Marti couldn’t stop munching on the crust, she said it was like granola. The good news is the crust was a breeze to make.

Red, White, & Blue Pie Stunner


Butternut Pot Pie


This pictures aren’t as pretty as some of the other dishes, but this really was a hearty, rich meal. I come from a family of food lovers and cooks. My grandpa and grandma have been watching the Cooking Channel relentlessly lately. My grandpa has Celiac’s. With this challenge to always find gluten-free food and with a granddaughter like me who just so happens to cook said food, he is constantly giving me assignments to foods to make. One of these assignments was inspired by a Bobby Flay pot pie showdown. Bobby Flay had made a sweet potato crust. My task: make it gluten-free. I however decided to improvise a little more and use butternut  instead, I thought it would add an interesting slightly sweet mix to the rich filling. Next up, the challenger had used coconut milk in the filling. Easy to do, I would have done this anyways. So with my assignment I set out to make the best Butternut Pot Pie. I personally thought it was an absolutely yummy version of a pot pie, which would make an a great family dinner. This is what I love: a challenge!

Butternut Pot Pie

Coconut Almond Chocolate Ice Cream


A couple of weeks ago I was on an ice cream kick! My mom, ever the taste tester, voiced requests. This one I made especially for her. Nuts and chocolate, need I say more, what is better?!

Almond Chocolate Ice Cream

Honey, Sweet Honey

001 What is the best gift for a baker? When my cousin asked me if I wanted some fresh honey from their farm, my answer was a resounding YES! If you haven’t caught on I do not like to use refined sugars, natural sweeteners are more my style. I still think most of the time we should eat whole foods: meat, fruits, vegetables, fats, but when I go to a party or event sometimes I’ll make a treat. Cue in natural sweetness’ like honey. Of course this country can turn any good, natural thing into an industrialized mess. We like convenience. We want to make it fast. We want to make a lot of it. We want to make it last on the shelf. And we want to make it cheap. Hence, I think a lot of the honey at the store is shit. When I go shopping I look first to make sure it is raw honey. Next I look and see if I can get a local honey. I’m a big fan of shopping locally and supporting local grocers and farmer’s markets. Does it cost more? Hell yes it does. But I ask myself and maybe you’d like to too, when you’re eying the sometimes pricier healthier option: Do I want to pay a little more now or do I want to pay in my health and deterioration later? Do I want to be shelling out down the line for doctors appointments and medication followed by more medication?

I am a recovering research junkie. I started out blogging for my father’s health site I wrote over 800 posts on a variety of topics (and I mean variety from macronutrients to exercise to orgasms to pooping. You name it and I probably covered it). Of course I did a little digging on natural sweeteners. Honey is not our only option. There’s maple and maple sugar and molasses. There is also coconut sugar and nectar, but I’m just not thoroughly convinced on them, so I usually stick to the first couple of options. What is going on with honey? Are there some redeeming qualities that make it the ‘pick me option’?

How can we distrust something with such a long history. Early hunter-gatherers used smoke to get the bees out of their hives, so our Continue reading “Honey, Sweet Honey”

Caramel Filled Cookies

011One of my favorite things to do is tweak things. To take a commonly eaten food or something I see on Pinterest and put a healthier spin on it. My cookies lately have been bomb and I had some leftover Urban Poser caramel left over in the fridge so I decided to combine the two. I’ve been seeing caramel stuffed cookies on my Pinterest, so it was time for me to make my own! I probably should have pulled them a little sooner, but they had a nice crunch to the outside and a gooey, chewy texture as you worked your way inwards.

Caramel Cookies

Sweet Summer Smoothie


I admit I am not big on juicing, I believe in thermagenics Let your body do work to digest your food. Take in all the nutrients. But sometimes, especially in the summer when it’s a hot day and I get off the bike (I’ve recently stopped driving my car and have picked up the biking and hiking to commute) I just want something refreshingly cool and easy to throw in a blender. I want t a nice smoothie. My first bike outing took me to my friend Chelsey’s house. For some reason I went along with her idea that we could just take a quick stroll down to the graveyard to pick some blackberries. Seven plus miles we pulled back into the driveway, nice and sweaty with our basically ripe berries. I’m hungry, but food does not sound appealing. Let’s make a smoothie. A few minutes later we each had a cool smoothie in hand, out in her Jeep to see how far we had trekked. A great afternoon of bonding, exercise, and adventure.

Sweet Summer Smoothie

  • Frozen Fruit (ours had peaches, strawberries and mangoes, I try to air with caution when it comes to smoothie, but after a ride to her house, an 8 mile ride and then an approaching ride home, I thought a few couldn’t hurt)
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/4 cup raw grass-fed yogurt or kefir Continue reading “Sweet Summer Smoothie”

Caramel Apple Pancakes

010I feel like I need a warning: explicit adult content with this post. Or really I need this with my friends in general. My friend works 12 hour shifts in the ICU so sometimes when I get a hankering to bake I’ll stop by her house just down the road from the park. I’ll do a little laundry, unwind between classes and whip up something tasty. The last time I asked for any requests. I was answered with a resounding, PANCAKES! PANCAKES! PANCAKES! after she saw my Black Forest Pancake Pic. Naturally I didn’t want to make the same pancake, so I had to do something different. I have been anxious to try the Urban Posers Honey Caramel recipe. What works well with caramel? Apples, of course! The next day I open my phone to, “Had the pancakes sexual eruption.” Yes, I know I have tremendous, slightly inappropriate friends.I think what she’s really saying are these are beyond amazing, thank you.  These are something I would make for my rock star nephews, they love cooked apples in the morning. Plus, like I always point out, if I can get the approval of a 4 and 6 year-old, I am golden. No more chatter, here’s what to do.

Caramel Apple Pancakes