Brittany’s Cookie Dough Blizzard

005I can’t remember the last time I had real ice cream. I would lean towards years. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it, I just don’t eat it. Kind of like bread and cookies (or I try to tweak them to fit my needs). I saw an ad for Blizzard’s the other day and it made me reflect back to my childhood. We didn’t eat out often, so any time we got a treat while running around town, was a mini celebration of its own. I like my father, had a fondness for cookie dough ice cream. Naturally I decided to take the ad, incorporate my nostalgia, and make it something better. Here is what I came up with!

Brittany’s Cookie Dough Blizzard

  • Can of coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • Dark Chocolate (like 80%+)
  • Cookies (click the link)

Let’s Make it Happen: Mix honey, milk, and chopped chocolate. Freeze in a glass container. Keep a close eye on it. I didn’t want it to freeze completely solid. Meanwhile mix cookie recipe. Roll into thin little balls. Arrange on a plate. Freeze these as well. Blend the ice cream a little bit more when you take it out. Toss in the cookie dough bits, stir, and you are in Blizzard bliss!

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