Bella Sandwiches


While we had that grill cranked up the other day, we tossed on some steaks. Tab threw them on some baked bellas, served them with a salad and BOOM a fabulous afternoon meal.

Bella Sandwich

  • 2 portabella mushroom caps
  • steak
  • side salad

Let’s Make it Happen: Season steaks, Naturally I used a combinations of flavors including: red pepper, sea salt, 21 seasoning and a tiny bit of cinnamon. Cook to your doneness. I personally eat my steaks as rare as possible. Let them rest (so the blood won’t run all over the place). Cube the steak, the easier to eat this then. For the mushrooms scoop out the inners. Rub with a good extra virgin olive oil (actually I would take this opportunity to use bacon fat, but that’s just me). Season with sea salt. Bake at 350. When the steak is cubed and the portabella’s are done layer them. I would probably add some lettuce. Maybe some avocado. Maybe some tomato. Maybe some cucumbers. Maybe some homemade mayo. Skies the limit.

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