Tongue Tacos


I have been meaning to post this recipe for a while now. I know your life has felt like something missing, because you have yet to experience a tongue taco. Offal doesn’t turn most people on. We have a hard time wrapping our brains and taste buds around the idea of eating liver, tongue, kidneys, tripe and more. It takes some major coaxing not to think: ew I’m getting ready to chow down on some delicious tongue. I’ll be honest when I pull the tongue out of the bag, that is what I think. It’s huge. It’s not a very appealing color. But then the adventurous, creative side kicks in. Let’s do this. Let’s make it appealing. Let’s cut out the yuck factor. I confess my first experience with tongue a year ago was not love at first site. It was edible, but I came away thinking: this can be better. Of course the problem was I tried to wrap it in bacon and grill it. This time I decided to keep the bacon pairing but find an easier way to cook the tongue. The boiling and removing the outside layer didn’t work well for me. So I searched. If I don’t know how to do something then I look for inspiration. I also think it’s important to share ideas, we are all looking for the same thing: good, healthy food. I found the crock pot tongue recipe on the Civilized Caveman (his site is great and he is one of my favorite people to follow on Facebook and Instagram, he has a great attitude). I tailored the ingredients a little, but his recipe was so good I decided to flow with it. In the end I made a bacon taco shell. Boom a Tongue Taco. It was good and it was easy to make. Cooking the tongue in the crock pot allowed me to set it and forget about it. Then once it was time to remove the outside, it peeled right off and the tongue shredded readily. It looked like a roast, if I didn’t tell someone it was tongue they would have never known (only which this picture was better, I apologize I know it’s not my best). If you consider yourself a bit of an adventurous eater. If you happen to come across a tongue (that’s what happened to me, someone gave me another one), try it. You may be surprised.

Tongue Taco

  • Civilized Caveman’s Crock Pot Tongue
  • 4 to 5 slices of bacon for a single taco

Let’s Make this happen: Prepare your tongue. Note I would obviously like you to click the link to get it from his site, to give credit where credit is due, but this will take about 8 hours in the crock pot. Once you have made the tongue and it’s ready, let’s handle the bacon shell. Overlap the bacon on a plate. Nuke for 3 to 4 minutes. As soon as you take it out, fold it over (I place a folded piece of card board in between. Let it set up. Stuff with your tongue. From here you can take creative freedom. Maybe you’d like to whip up a little avocado with some cayenne pepper and olive oil (a little impromptu guacamole). Maybe you want to whip up some coconut milk into a makeshift sour cream. Maybe you wanted some roasted peppers over the top. Or maybe you like raw dairy sometimes and you shave it over the top. Skies the limit. Get funky with it.


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