Pumpkin Pasta


I stopped dead in my tracks at our local grocer Baesler’s the other day because of this awesome looking pumpkin pasta sauce. Okay initially I saw the gluten-free, then I saw the All Natural and then I read the ingredients. Hmm…not bad, not bad at all. Let’s give it a go. I knew I didn’t want to pair it with red meat, so I opted for a chicken variation. Oh my, this pasta freaking rocked. So blissfully good, it had that savory sweet flavor profile I crave. But also it felt homey. and boy was it filling. If you can find this or if you’d like to make your own I’d say try some pumpkin pasta.

Pumpkin Pasta

Let’s Make it Happen: Cut the spaghetti squash in half. Place it in a pot. Cover with water. Boil until tender. Remove the seeds before scooping out the ‘noodles’. Toss in a little Kerry Gold butter and sea salt. Cube chicken, lightly season and cook thoroughly. Add in the pasta sauce. Simmer. Pour over the spaghetti. It really is that easy to make a tasty home-cooked, family-approved meal!



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