Sage Butternut Soup

SAMSUNGThis past weekend was chilly, like October going on December brisk winds, for my last weekend of the outdoor market. The past month I have been bringing my gluten-free, paleo friendly baked goodness to the local Terre Haute Farmer’s Market (a place where I have considered vendors close to rockstars and celebrities in my book- can you seriously not tell that I like to cook from that statement?). This weekend I was rocking it out in my lace dress, holding onto my tent before a gust of wind blew it away-which it actually did one time. The market manager Majel, barefoot Jason (yes he is my idol, he practices Earthing so he doesn’t wear shoes ever, he reads Walden once a year, he’s married to Kombucha Kate, and he shared the secrets to keeping your feet from freezing in the winter), and the maple crew helped me rig up a dumbbell contraption. With teeth chattering and a smile, I admit between customers I dreamed of warm soup. It was a perfect day for a bowl of soup. So as the market progressed, so too did my conceptualization of this dish. I even test-ran my ideas on people coming into the booth. The consensus was that a butternut bisque or soup would be magical on a day like Saturday. A trip around the market, stocked me up on butternut, I went home and put some loving, warming tenderness into the preparation of this little stew. Oh it was so good, exactly what I wanted. A cozy, heart-warming dish, rich in flavor and textures. Just writing this makes me crave another bowl. Next windy, winter like day, this will be in my belly.

Sage Butternut Soup

  • Butternut squash
  • Shredded pork
  • Garlic
  • Red Onion
  • Grass-fed Yogurt
  • Bacon
  • 1 1/2 cup Bone Broth
  • Sage
  • Cinnamon
  • Sea Salt

Let’s Make it Happen: Begin by tackling the butternut. Slice off the skin. Cut into larger chunks or cubes. Boil in water until tender with a little sea salt. Meanwhile work on the rest of your stock. Chop garlic. Slice onion. Fry up some pieces of bacon. Toss these plus the pork, cinnamon, sage, and sea salt into a pot with the broth. Simmer at a low/medium heat. Once the butternut is tender, toss in the processor. I felt it was a little too thick so I tossed in a grass-fed yogurt (Baesler’s is an awesome local grocer!) to thin it out a bit, but this is completely optionally, because I am the first to admit that the grass-fed has a strong taste. Stir this in with the rest of the ingredients. Let cook a little longer, garnish with some bacon and dig in.


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