Blissgiving: Upcoming Recipes thought I would make this site just about the food, I have a blog after all where I can bare my heart and thoughts, but today I can’t help it. I love FALL! This time of year just seems so magical and special to me. A reason, a freaking Holiday reminding us: be thankful, embrace gratitude. A season of connection. Where we can gather together and celebrate. We can see ALL of our family and ALL of our friends. We can get together over good food and good drinks to reconnect. What has the year brought you? What’s new? What are you working on? Who is special in your life now. I have a BIG family. Both my parents come from larger families, which if you connect the dots, means I have lots of aunts, lots of uncles, and lots of cousins (which continues to grow as the next generation makes it’s way into the world, we will have four new babies alone at this Christmas for the Paulin’s). Sure I have always been the quieter one, who sat back and watched my big, crazy family erupt in personality. Literally erupt. Every family has it’s own brand of crazy, dysfunction. Mine I love for their boldness. They are direct. They have thoughts. They have opinions. But they are fun. They are loyal, and they have your back to the end. Last year it really hit me when my aunt Cheryl admired our ‘availability’. If someone needs something, boom one of us pops in to help. To me life is about connections, we are all in this together. We all struggle, we all try to bring meaning to our lives. This time of year we get together and talk, and listen, and hug, and laugh, and cry, and have fun. I am so, so thankful for me.

One side of my big crazy family: the Drehers

Thanks is something that has saved me. I say it all the time on my blog, but gratitude has made me a better person. It has helped me. When I am struggling. When I am having doubts. When I feel a pity party coming on, I stop (or rather I am better at catching it early). I stop and think of all the ways my life kicks ass. Three years ago, I up and backed all my things, and moved out of a three-bedroom house I was renting with a friend, and moved into a shed with no heating and cooling. I got rid of most of my stuff. I got rid of at least 3/4 my clothes. I uncluttered. What I learned is that we surround ourselves in a material world, so we blind ourselves. When I got rid of my things I gained. Sounds weird right? It’s true. I finally realized what is important in life. I saw my family better. I saw myself better, there started the real journey to unconditional self-love, but also love for ALL. I saw people. I saw nature. I saw the unshakable support I have. I am beyond blessed. Every morning, every night, any time I am overwhelmed with gratitude, I give thanks. Often that’s the only prayer I give.Thank you. How simple is that. But you have to feel it.

A small part of the Paulin side, most importantly, my excited Grandma Linda

Something else this time of year does to me, is it reminds me of why I love cooking so much. I have to phenomenal grandmas. They are great cooks. But also there is the tradition. Every year you look forward to going to grandmas to make holidays cookies and goodies. You eagerly await the prayer to end on Thanksgiving so you can dig into the homemade noodles. There are more connections, more quality time spent with family. To me good food, is good feelings. Food tastes the best when you really enjoy what you’re doing. My friends want me to teach them how to cook, but you can’t teach creativity. You can’t teach passion. You can show them, but it is something they have to take on themselves. Cooking is love. For me the saying: Follow your Bliss, has literally been following me the last year. It just pops up when I need it most, when it’s time for a change. When I have doubts. Hence Bliss in the title of this site. Cooking is my bliss. That is why I am entitling this next set of post: BLISSGIVING. My sister and I are creating Thanksgiving for the second year in a row, the next couple of weeks, I am going to give you an inside peak into what I plan on making, some Thanksgiving alternative. This is what I am thinking of featuring, so keep checking in for new recipes.

Blissgiving with Brittany











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