TBT: Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Today I am going to do a throw back Thursday to last years bacon-wrapped turkey. Growing up, Thanksgiving meant walking across the holler to my grandma and grandpa Dreher’s house (although I have terrific memories of some trips to southern Indiana to spend the holiday with my grandma Linda’s family). Last year was the first time we held Thanksgiving ourselves. It was a fun task for my sister and I to take on together. It was also our first time cooking a whole turkey. Even though it presented its challenges (like our thermometer broke), I think we made the best turkey I have every had. The bacon locked in flavor and it made it juicy and falling off the bone. It was absolute perfection.

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Blissgiving: Upcoming Recipes

https://i1.wp.com/media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/95/cf/57/95cf5758f7fb445da39076d75a6b9c0f.jpgI thought I would make this site just about the food, I have a blog after all where I can bare my heart and thoughts, but today I can’t help it. I love FALL! This time of year just seems so magical and special to me. A reason, a freaking Holiday reminding us: be thankful, embrace gratitude. A season of connection. Where we can gather together and celebrate. We can see ALL of our family and ALL of our friends. We can get together over good food and good drinks to reconnect. What has the year brought you? What’s new? What are you working on? Who is special in your life now. I have a BIG family. Both my parents come from larger families, which if you connect the dots, means I have lots of aunts, lots of uncles, and lots of cousins (which continues to grow as the next generation makes it’s way into the world, we will have four new babies alone at this Christmas for the Paulin’s). Sure I have always been the quieter one, who sat back and watched my big, crazy family erupt in personality. Literally erupt. Every family has it’s own brand of crazy, dysfunction. Mine I love for their boldness. They are direct. They have thoughts. They have opinions. But they are fun. They are loyal, and they have your back to the end. Last year it really hit me when my aunt Cheryl admired our ‘availability’. If someone needs something, boom one of us pops in to help. To me life is about connections, we are all in this together. We all struggle, we all try to bring meaning to our lives. This time of year we get together and talk, and listen, and hug, and laugh, and cry, and have fun. I am so, so thankful for me. Continue reading “Blissgiving: Upcoming Recipes”

Pumpkin Caramel Apple Dip

057I messed up (again), go figure. But life is about digging deep and making something better or growing from your mistakes. For my last market I tried to take shortcuts (hello a big blinking sign reading, “Potential Lesson”) on a Pumpkin Chocolate Caramel Bark. It did not set up. Hmm…. it is caramel after all, what if we keep this simple and dip a crisp green apple in there? PERFECTION! My mom is a big granny smith fan and this little added bonus is right up her alley. There was a layering of flavors with the pumpkin and spices that created depth to keep it from being your average caramel, plus tis the season for caramel apple and pumpkins, why not combine them? Duh, here have at it.

Pumpkin Caramel Apple Dip


284Part of what I love about the farmer’s market is the community feel of it. The friendly farmer lovingly tending and raising your food. Bring it to you at the market. I also love Midwestern values. People can just be downright friendly. Last week when my tent was blowing away with the wind, they stepped into to help me. Another instantly gave me her number and address when I expressed an interest in kefir. Call me, come right over when you’re done here, I’ll give you some grains. Not only did I get some gifted grains, but I got an instructional lesson and a taste (boy was it good, more to come on this soon). Then today’s post happened thanks to these giving people. My dear friend Mary brings me some Sorghum and says: I want some gingersnaps. I can do that, I’m on it. Then at the end of the market the Amish couple diagonally across from me came bearing gifts of sorghum. Take it, I just made it this week. Holy cow, I think I need to take this and I need to make some gingersnaps. I confess I was a sugar-cookie, sandie kind of cookie girl, but my family (notably my mom and my grandma Dreher claims them to be their favorites) are avid fans. So for them, for you I have made some gingersnap cookies. Thank you Mary. Thank you to the Market. Thank you, thank you to all.


Gluten-Free Pizza Bread


I love pinterest! However I try to be brutally honest with myself at all times, although there is the misconception: Brittany the Dreamer, I am very real with myself. I know when something is a problem. Pinterest can be a problem for me, the wildly creative, ,with the imagination that takes off at full speed. There is no trotting, jogging or walking my imagination, it takes off full throttle. Add to that the visualization that my brain feeds off of and Pinterest can be a little over-consuming. A little over-whelming. Too many ideas. Too much inspiration. How that happens I don’t know, but I guess is a good thing for all of you, I just have to get around to creating all of the ideas streaming through my head and penciled onto one of my string of blog lists I have. Plus all the ideas I have for a cookbook. How do I simplify? How do I edit and cut back? A little too much fervor, but hey I guess to many ideas isn’t the worst problem a girl can have (believe me after a month working in the ER I know this now more than ever, my worries and problems are nothing). So back to Pinterest. I have this secret food board (because I don’t want people to see all these sugar & grain filled recipes) for recipe inspiration. Awesome looking dishes to challenge me. How do I make this gluten-free? How do I cut out the refined sugars? Always up to a challenge, one such recipes on hidden board was for a pizza bread. Holy sh** (I’ll keep this reader friendly as I’ve gotten a little flack for my language, what can I say I write like I talk and sometimes I say sh**), I have to make that happen. And so I have. Last Sunday all my closest friends happened to be free: Girls Night. Nowadays getting us altogether is a celebration because it doesn’t happen often. What to make? Naturally we opted for the Paleo Pizza (click the link, Tab and I usually make this ever-other week). I decided to add the pizza bread. Let’s give it a go. It sounds to amazing to not work out. This will be great. This little self-pep-talk did the trick because this was fantastic! Sick of the sweet baked goods, here is a savory treat! The bread recipe is inspired by Elana’s Pantry, because it is the best I have found. Click the link to get it, but note I don’t use flax, instead I use all coconut flour in place.

Pizza Bread

Vlog: Best Eggs EVER with Trenton

This week’s vlog comes via my nephew Trenton. He is absolutely adorable. One afternoon at the apartment, Trenton decides he wants five eggs. Now he is four-year-old and a big boy, so he made them himself. Here are the secrets he shared with me to make really good eggs, enjoy! Oh and check out the pictures he showed me the key to shoving/shoveling the eggs into your mouth. Continue reading “Vlog: Best Eggs EVER with Trenton”