Better You in 2014

There's always room for improvement, a better youAs this year winds down and 2014 approaches I’ve been thinking of what I want for myself and my brand in the future. A future I can start working on today. I am going to BE better. Period that is my one and only goal. My challenge to myself and to my followers is simple: Be a Better You. Each day my intent is to do my best. So often we set outlandish goals. Crazy weight loss numbers. Deprivation. We fight change. We fight the goal, the dream. Then we get upset when we can’t reach them, or they don’t come fast enough. We don’t allow ourselves to change. We set out for perfection and crash and burn when we don’t reach our own perceptions of perfection. Perceptions of the perfect body, the perfect diet, the perfect weight, the perfect size. This year I want to focus on each day, each moment, each meal, each exercise making it the best I have. I want to be my healthiest self. Loving and focusing on the moment will allow me to become my happiest, healthiest, most fit, healing self.

What intentions do I want to set to be healthier? To myself I think:

Today I will eat healthy. I will nourish my body. Today I will eat more whole foods. Today I won’t eat anything processed. Today I won’t eat any gluten or sugar. Today I will eat good portions. Today I will cook tasty, delicious food. Today I will pause….breathe….relax….and enjoy the nourishing food in front of me. Today I will eat healing foods. I will eat more fermented foods. I’ll use more spices. I’ll cook with more bone broths. I’ll eat more local foods. I’ll eat more wild or grass-fed meat and Continue reading “Better You in 2014”

No Bake Cookies

016Finally here are the no bakes! Today we had a cookie exchange with the Dreher women. So much fun. What a great way to get together the family matriarchs for the holidays. Depending on the number of attendees, bake enough for 3 cookies per person. In the end you get a huge assortment of cookies. Make it more fun by requiring each member to bring wine or voting for the best/worst cookies. Plus the men and kids will love you when you return with a plate full of cookies. I of course opted for gluten-free, Paleo cookies. My family growing up were no bakes fiends. Verdict is that this is a good recipe. I also made this for my cousin’s Crossfit boyfriend for Christmas and he told her she HAD to get the recipe or have these make them for him. In the midst of sugar, gluten-filled cookies, these no bakes still shine.

—->>>>Chocolate Chunk Salted Caramel No Bakes <<<<—– Click this link.

Note: I added walnuts and that made them uber good! Continue reading “No Bake Cookies”

Paleo Cookie Sampler


This radical site Paleo Grubs used one of my cookies on their site. How freaking cool!?! Holidays are about sharing, so I was pumped to have my recipe shared with a broader group of people. But I was also enthused to discover other bloggers and recipes. I decided then to bake some of the featured cookies, plus revisit my Butternut recipe. Tis the season for cookies. I personally have two cookie exchanges the next week, so I have some major baking in my future, not to mention the gluten-free goodies I take for Christmas Eve with the Paulin’s (my family with a Celiac history) and Christmas day with the Dreher’s. Check back soon because No-Bakes are a family favorite, which is why they didn’t make it today, they got gobbled up before I could photograph them. Sorry, but the good news is I’m making them for my cookie exchange and will take pics this time! So come to Bliss Delish for a verdict on the No- Bakes! I am so grateful to be a part of this blogging, sharing, community.

001Bacon Trail Mix Cookies Continue reading “Paleo Cookie Sampler”

Bacon Wrapped Butternut and Apple Stuffed Pork Loin


OH MAN THIS RECIPE IS GOOOOOD! Thursday’s is girls night for my friend Tab and I, when we can get together, have dinner, and watch Grays and Scandal. Perfect for testing out blog recipes, because Tab is a straight-shooter. Verdict on this: killed it. There is just something about the butternut/apple combination that is delightful. Plus it pairs beautiful with pork. Why not wrap the stuffed pork in a bacon weave? Homey, with a layering of flavor, this is a winner for the Delishmas dinner!

Bacon Wrapped Butternut and Apple Stuffed Pork

Sweet Potato Bacon Bites

007These little bites I threw together for a birthday dinner last week. They were a big SUCCESS, so I thought let’s do it. Add them to Delishmas and let them bring joy to the holiday season. They are easy to make. They have bacon. All you have to do is pop one in your mouth. They’re perfect for parties and dinner sides. Hello, they are a freaking gift worthy giving. The gift of yummy food moans.

Sweet Potato Bacon Bites

Bacon Maple Mash


We are going to start off project ‘Delishmas’ with a mash! For Thanksgiving we did a rutabaga mash, but this month I figured we play with the savory, sweet mix I adore. The original game-plan was to do a Maple Mash. Season it with sea and cinnamon and GO. However, seeing as I am the culinary creator I thought we could add more flavor. Tomorrow I have Sweet Potato Bacon Bites. I decided to bake my sweet potatoes then with the bacon. Letting them cook in bacon fat. Yum love the layering of flavors.

Bacon Maple Mash

Delishmas: What’s Coming Next

Cute Buddy the Elf Christmas Print. I just by orangeblossomshopaz, $12.00The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.

I love Elf I’m sitting here watching it right now. Snuggled in with the Christmas tree glowing. I literally want to sing with Christmas joy….I love you…I love you….I love yooooouuuu! I have a big family, and I mean big. The holidays have always been a special time. A moment when we can all hit the Pause button and gather together. Fond memories spent on my grandparents lake, nuzzled in the house with the smell of homemade cookies in the air. Hugs everywhere after not seeing each other for nearly a year. Card games. Laughter. Fun. Giving. Wine and beer flowing. Reminiscing. Reconnecting. Catching up. Snow falling as we make the way home early in the hours of the morning, after a night of family fun. Barely sleeping before waking up to celebrate with my immediate family. Making hot chocolate while they still slept. Ready to go when we all wake up. Sitting down at the table together for breakfast together. Showering, setting out all our presents to look and wonder over. Then we walk over the holler to my other grandparents for a Christmas  Day feast and more FUN. Finish with a movie together and Christmas always seemed like a magical time to me. Granted as I’ve grown, so have the traditions. The additions of the next generation (my nephews), make the Holidays seem even more special. Continue reading “Delishmas: What’s Coming Next”