Better You in 2014

There's always room for improvement, a better youAs this year winds down and 2014 approaches I’ve been thinking of what I want for myself and my brand in the future. A future I can start working on today. I am going to BE better. Period that is my one and only goal. My challenge to myself and to my followers is simple: Be a Better You. Each day my intent is to do my best. So often we set outlandish goals. Crazy weight loss numbers. Deprivation. We fight change. We fight the goal, the dream. Then we get upset when we can’t reach them, or they don’t come fast enough. We don’t allow ourselves to change. We set out for perfection and crash and burn when we don’t reach our own perceptions of perfection. Perceptions of the perfect body, the perfect diet, the perfect weight, the perfect size. This year I want to focus on each day, each moment, each meal, each exercise making it the best I have. I want to be my healthiest self. Loving and focusing on the moment will allow me to become my happiest, healthiest, most fit, healing self.

What intentions do I want to set to be healthier? To myself I think:

Today I will eat healthy. I will nourish my body. Today I will eat more whole foods. Today I won’t eat anything processed. Today I won’t eat any gluten or sugar. Today I will eat good portions. Today I will cook tasty, delicious food. Today I will pause….breathe….relax….and enjoy the nourishing food in front of me. Today I will eat healing foods. I will eat more fermented foods. I’ll use more spices. I’ll cook with more bone broths. I’ll eat more local foods. I’ll eat more wild or grass-fed meat and pasture-raised eggs. I will support my local farmer. Today I will let food be my medicine. Today I love what I’m eating. I feel good about what I’m eating. I feel energized. I feel good.

Today I will move. Today I will hike. I’ll clear my head. Today I’ll climb higher. Today I’ll do my kettlebells. Today I am strong. Today I am powerful. Each exercise I do will be better. I’ll breathe. I’ll focus. I’ll squeeze tighter. In today’s yoga I’ll surrender. I’ll listen to my body. I’ll stretch deeper. I’ll dig deeper. I’ll feel each pose. I’ll be conscious of each breath. I’ll be flexible. Today I will relax. I will embrace savasana. Today on my speed work I will be fast. I will give it my all.

Today I will stress less and sleep more. I’ll go to bed early and wake without an alarm. Today I will drink water. Today I will meditate. I’ll let it all go. Today I am better.

One day. That’s what it takes. One day of focus, after another, after another. Make 2014 a year for a better you. What does is your better you? How does it feel? What do you eat? What exercise do you do? How do you deal with stress? What does it look like? Create it. Be it. I look forward to sharing my better me with you and to hearing about all of your success! Cheers to a better 2014.

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