Duck Burger with Sweet Potato Crinkle Fries


The other day I mentioned my beautiful little crinkle sweet potato fries, here I have incorporated them into my duck burger. I grew up with a family of hunters (spoiler I have an upcoming post involving a recent goose hunt with my dad). Eating a variety of wild animal was not uncommon: deer, geese, ducks, pheasants, squirrels, wild turkeys, fresh water fish like bass, frog legs. Today I have taken one of my dad’s most recent kills: a duck. How about making a duck burger? Here is the result.

Duck Burger

Bacon-Wrapped Rutabaga

040My friend recently had her boyfriend break up with her. The only food she’s been able to eat? I have been feeding her bacon and sweet potato fries. Best break-up food? Possibly. I finally decided on our Thursday Girls Night to combine the two. I used my pretty crinkle cutter to knock out some awesome sweet potato fries. But I took this over the edge by wrapping it in bacon. Holy s*** amazing! So the other day at home I had a rutabaga on hand. Hm…..let’s try this. Boom, freaking perfection. Best party food ever, I will feature this again on my Super Bowl Post. A sure-fire crowd pleaser.

Bacon-Wrapped Rutabaga

Brussels Sprouts Chips

036A few weeks ago I was on a bit of a Brussels sprouts kick. Well I am back on it! Cabbage is my favorite vegetable and I adore cabbage chips. Why not make these little cabbages into chips? Veggie chips are so easy to make. You simply season, dehydrate while you sleep and boom wake up to amazingness. Veggie chips are my go-to snack on the go. These were tasty too. My mother who does not eat Brussels sprouts, nearly gobbled these up before I could even snap a picture.

Brussels Sprouts Chips

  • Brussels Sprouts
  • 1 tbsp Bacon fat
  • sea salt

Let’s Make it Happen: Peel off the leaves of the Brussels sprouts. Toss into a bowl. Melt bacon fat. Drizzle over the top. Grate some nice sea salt over the top. Use your hands, dig in there, mix them up real nicely. Arrange evenly on a dehydrator. Leave overnight. Remove when nice and crispy. Pack, snack, and enjoy!

Why I Eat Grass-Fed

This year one of my top health goals is to eat more local foods. A key component of this is local MEAT. A few years ago after a much research I realized I needed to eat grass-fed or pasture-raised meat (and eggs) or wild, as I come from a family of hunters (and hunt myself), venison stocked in the freezer is a beautiful site. Why? I’d like to take Sunday’s to talk food a little bit. What my food goals are. Why have I chosen them? What do they do for me? How do they make me better? How do they make me healthier? Let’s dive in!

Not all beef is created equally and it is a shame that red meat has gotten such a bad rap because it has such wonderful health benefits and it is something that I look forward to eating every day. Like most things natural, we came along and messed up the cow. Not only did we jack up their stomachs by feeding them grains that they were not meant to digest, but we cramped them together in feedlots so their short lives are filled with hormone and antibiotic injections before we ship them off for slaughter. Not only does this sound inhumane, but it has completely altered the health and quality of the meat, therefore altering OUR health as well. As we’ll look at, it’s not just cows, but actually all meat sources in the US where we have a problem. Our ancestors grew strong and lived relatively disease-free lives roaming the country feasting on the wild game, enjoying not only the muscle meat, but the nutritious organs and bones. So where did we go wrong? We’ll get into this more later, but ultimately the Agricultural Revolution and later the all-consuming thought of making a dollar detoured us from our robust fitness and health. Cows are ruminants: four-legged mammals with an even number of toes, who graze on greenery. They have four stomachs that are designed to help them break down plants (got that plants not grains). As we started producing and grains, we started feeding them to our food sources as well, plus we noticed that the cattle fattened up quicker if we fed them grain (and in some reports some feedlots have actually fed cattle ‘by-product foodstuffs‘ which include: candy, such as lemon drops and gummy bears; bakery waste like stale bread, old pasta, and potato waste like French fries and potato chips), rather than letting them grow naturally by grazing on grass. Eventually we created a supercow, if you will, with enlarged pituitary glands that we injected hormones and antibiotics into. We could breed them like crazy, cram them together in stalls, get more milk that was tainted so that we have to pasteurize it (therefore, removing the nutrients and creating useless milk filled with sugar and not healthy fat), and then slaughter them, selling the public a weak version of a great food source. This traditional grocery store meat pales in comparison to the natural Continue reading “Why I Eat Grass-Fed”

Lavender Hot Chocolate

007Round #3 of Lavender Week! Oh Indiana I love your unpredictable nature. Life is change and your relationship with uncertainty. We have to be able to adapt. Life is not stagnant no matter how much we try to be safe inside our little comfort zones, that’s not how it is. We are changing. Our cells are constantly changing. The body you have now will not be the same in 10 years, you can fight it, but this is the truth. Nature changes all the time. Life is change. So thank you Indiana for pushing me to believe my talk. Snow, again? Okay I can deal. I will show you my adaptability! Today I will stay inside and rock some delicious cold weather recipes. Like today. Baby it’s cold outside and I am warming myself with a bit of lavender hot chocolate. Change, uncertainty, I love you. Smells great. Tastes even better.  Perfection today.

Lavender Hot Chocolate

Lavender Lemon Muffins

376Today is round #2 of lavender week! Muffins, I make some tasty muffins, why not add a little lavender to my muffin mix? Exactly there is no reason not to try! While at it why not combine it with a flavor like lemon? I thought of making lavender lemonade, why not put it into edible muffin form. This is actually pretty easy to make. So tasty. Plus it fills the kitchen with the most delicious aroma.

Lavender Lemon Muffins

Lavender Cookies

362Carol. Carol is the women with the booth across from me at the local Downtown Farmer’s Market. I see her. I talk to her. We laugh. We talk about the market. I watch her daughter run around talking to all the market attendees. See how great it is to know the person producing your food. To see them not only as a breathing, talking, lovely person, but to talk to them. To talk about the food. To look at the pictures of where she grows her herbs. To me this is special. It brings me joy to have this connection to my food. It expands the appreciation I have for it. Plus it connects me to my community, to the market, to Carol.

I have been on the look for lavender for some time. At our first 2014 market I look across at Carol: what kinds of herbs do you have? Lavender, boom it was right in front of my face. Before I even get my hands on it ideas were flowing of what kinds of recipes I can create with Lavender. I have had a little thing for lavender ever since I did some research on it last year, which may or may not have been influenced by a novel I was reading with a lavender farming sweet, sweet grandmother. Then I start receiving lavender gifts: soaps, sachets. All signs were leading me to take an interest in lavender. Sleep with a soothing, smells-real-freaking-good lavender under your pillow and you will jump on the band wagon with me.

First recipe idea is of course cookies, so here you have it:

Lavender Chocolate Chip Cookies

Butternut & Broccoli

unnamedMan I seem to have a thing for foods that begin with B lately….Brussels sprouts, Butternut, Bacon, Beef. Today I have added broccoli. I think I could do at least an entire months worth of recipes starring foods starting with B. Actually I could do a whole month (maybe even 1/2 a year) of bacon recipes. This is how I really like to eat. Whole foods, seasoned perfectly, paired with a yummy fat and flavor. For fun this day, I also ate my meal with chopsticks. A little added awareness, a little more time for mindfulness as I focused to grab hold delicious treasures.

Broccoli and Butternut

5 Bone Broth Recipes

Photo by: Grass-Fed Girl

Okay you have these beautiful little broth cubes. What do you make? Today I took a little inspiration from the blogs who shared a plethora of Paleo cookies, and found 5 broth recipes which look and taste slammin’? After all in the blogging community that’s what we’re about, sharing. We are exactly what I just said-a community. A like-minded group searching. Searching for tasty food. Searching to be healthier. These recipes are good. And seeing as it is once again snowing and the temperatures are dropping here in Indiana, a nice stew or soup warms my heart. Enjoy these!

Paleo Butternut Squash Soup

Is it really SO surprising that I list a butternut recipe first? If you haven’t noticed I kind of have a thing for it. The last week alone I have included two recipes with it. This recipe has GREAT photos, especially the play-by-play ones of preparing the squash. It takes the time to simplify the process. Not to mention their cute play on the title It’s Thyme For Butternut Squash Soup is adorable and sucks me in.  Yum, yum, yum.

Roasted Cauliflower & Bacon

This recipe reminds me of an upgraded Loaded Potato soup, but so much better. Growing up I was a potato girl. I can appreciate then a recipe like this which transforms a potato recipe. Plus the ingredients included (besides the beautiful bone broth) are bomb. Ghee, vegetables, bacon. Hmm….it makes my mouth water just thinking of this! Continue reading “5 Bone Broth Recipes”

Bone Broth Cubes

365One of the reasons I was most excited for the farmers market (besides selling my own goodies), was to load up on some bones! I’ve been NEEDING to make some bone broths. A few years ago when I was heavy into Weston A. Price researching, I learned about bone broths and there healthy benefits. Talk about a belly soother. Plus a nutritional heavy weight. They’re easy to make. And they are cost efficient. Picking up grass-fed bones at the market is pretty inexpensive, which is a major bonus. People are full of excuses. One of the excuses for eating like shit is: healthy food is expensive. Bullshit. 034

Anyways I have been wanting to do this post for some time. What do you do with broth, you may ask? Well anything. I like to put them in my eggs. It is one of my favorite ways to cook my liver. I toss it in with the liver and pour it over some mashed cauliflower. And hello you can make soup!! Believe me, these negative temperatures give me a hankering for some hearty, warm, cozy soup. I have been trying to convince my grandpa with Celiac’s to use bone broth for sometime to help heal his stomach. Putting them into ice cubes trays I have found is the easiest way to keep them. Pop them out when you’re ready to use them. Keep it simple. Continue reading “Bone Broth Cubes”