Butternut, Brussels, Beef, Bacon

024Another Butternut recipe. Another Brussels sprout recipe. Two of my favorites coming together in a wam, bam, delicious meal. The other morning for breakfast I had a hankering for Brussels sprouts. But I didn’t want my usual eggs. I want  meat, I wanted steak. So I tossed them in a pan. But then I opened the fridge and the butternut called out to me, ‘what about me? Use me.” And so I cubed a few slices of butternut and tossed it in the skillet. Crossed my fingers and hoped it all meshed well together. The result? I liked it. There was that savory, sweet combo I enjoy. Plus a combination of flavors, texture, and color.

Butternut, Brussels, Beef, Bacon

  • Butternut squash, cubed
  • Brussels sprouts, quartered
  • 3 oz. cubed steak
  • 2 slices bacon

Let’s Make it Happen: Chop the butternut and Brussels. Toss in a skillet with a little cinnamon and sea salt. In a separate skillet, throw in pieces of bacon, plus the steak. Season with sea salt and pepper. When the vegetables are tender and the bacon crispy, put them in a bowl together. That’s it! Yum

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