2014: A Healthy Journey

My Healthy journey adventure today! Out for a hike with my pack, clearing my head, reconnecting, being mindful, having fun, moving. 2014 you will be my best year ever!

Health is a journey. It is not a destination you reach. It doesn’t stop when you finally get down to your goal weight. It doesn’t end when you fit into your dream size. It is an ACTion. You are healthy. Health starts today. It starts now. With the choices you make today, this moment. It’s your next meal. It’s your next workout. It’s your next meditation. It’s tonight’s night of sleep. It’s your next hike.

Sometimes there are road bumps on the way. There are hazards. Sometimes it rains on the trip. Sometimes you have to start over or re-track. Sometimes you come to a dead end. Sometimes you have to take another path. Blaze a new trail. You learn some foods don’t work for you or you finally admit: I hate running, why am I running? So you try yoga and fall in love.

Health isn’t perfect. It’s like those beautiful quotes on imperfection: “We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us–that we’re all broken, all beautifully imperfect.” ― Emilio Estevez

Health is striving to do better. To be better. There are trip-ups. Sometimes we fall off the wagon. It happens. But we can choose today to do better. To be healthy. Focus on that. I am focusing on that. My goal this year is simple: be better. Not numbers and crazy deadlines or goals. There is no disappointment when I focusing on merely doing my best. Because what is there that I can do beyond that?

Today I am healthy. Keep this on repeat throughout the day. Let it be your mantra.

I recently wrote on my thoughtful blog how self-love too is a journey you make. It is something we are always working on. Some days are better than others. Today, right now? I love myself and where I am completely and unconditionally.

Today, right now? I am healthy. I had a killer speed session. I got my hiking on and did more standing, rather than constant sitting. I took it down several notches to chill, sit, breathe, let go, and meditate. I had a great lunch of grass-fed jalapeno hamburger and pasture-raised eggs. Today I am perfect health.

Begin your journey today. Do your best today.

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