5 Bone Broth Recipes

Photo by: Grass-Fed Girl

Okay you have these beautiful little broth cubes. What do you make? Today I took a little inspiration from the blogs who shared a plethora of Paleo cookies, and found 5 broth recipes which look and taste slammin’? After all in the blogging community that’s what we’re about, sharing. We are exactly what I just said-a community. A like-minded group searching. Searching for tasty food. Searching to be healthier. These recipes are good. And seeing as it is once again snowing and the temperatures are dropping here in Indiana, a nice stew or soup warms my heart. Enjoy these!

Paleo Butternut Squash Soup

Is it really SO surprising that I list a butternut recipe first? If you haven’t noticed I kind of have a thing for it. The last week alone I have included two recipes with it. This recipe has GREAT photos, especially the play-by-play ones of preparing the squash. It takes the time to simplify the process. Not to mention their cute play on the title It’s Thyme For Butternut Squash Soup is adorable and sucks me in.  Yum, yum, yum.

Roasted Cauliflower & Bacon

This recipe reminds me of an upgraded Loaded Potato soup, but so much better. Growing up I was a potato girl. I can appreciate then a recipe like this which transforms a potato recipe. Plus the ingredients included (besides the beautiful bone broth) are bomb. Ghee, vegetables, bacon. Hmm….it makes my mouth water just thinking of this!

Italian Wedding Soup

Another great recipe! This is a stew after my own heart and this website is fantastic. Another site with terrific ingredients (hello the title is Grass-fed?).  They use coconut flour for the meatballs- my favorite gluten-free flour alternative. And there are an assortment of vegetables. Get some lovely kale this time.

Winter Greens and Egg Soup

Hmm…it is winter, why not post a recipe using seasonal ingredients? Plus eggs are one of my favorite foods, which I could eat everyday and are nutritionally loaded. Add a little raw cheese. Add a variety of spices and flavorings. I may or may not be drooling at the thought.

Sweet Potato Chicken Soup

I may have been drawn to this recipe for the color alone, which I don’t this is a bad thing. Part of eating is visual appeal. Plus all those different colors represent different nutrients. It looks so hearty. On a crisp winter day, this soup hits the spot. Heart-warming.

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