Baked Oyster Mushrooms


My mom and dad have been ranting and raving about oyster mushrooms for months now. Dad’s been making them for all his clients. I have finally broken down and tried them. What took me so long? After watching Anne Burrell Dad was hooked. She said they tasted like bacon. Boom something that tastes like bacon, I’m down. These were so easy to make. So full of flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed them!

Baked Oyster Mushrooms

Beef Negimaki

060Sushi. My friends and family love sushi. Every birthday celebration dinner? Yep sushi. Starting with my birthday November 24th, we then hit the sushi house for Tab’s birthday December 7th, and then another time for Chelsey’s on the 15th. Is it any wonder than that post-break-up Chels arrives at 10 pm declaring, “I want sushi.” Naturally Tab and I are going to do anything she wants right now. They close at 10:30 get in the car. With a time crunch I gaze at the menu, my eyes make a beeline for beef negimaki. Note I’ve never had this, but for some reason I was getting a gut feeling to go for it. “Waiter I’ll take the beef negi…however you it.” Oh I was not disappointed. I normally get sashimi and I don’t eat rolls with rice, so this beef wrapped asparagus, which appeared at the table resembling a roll was winning. Normally my friends are always trying to check what I’m eating, nose crinkled up. Hmm…so eating something resembling theirs, I felt like I fit in at the dinner. Granted I was the only one eating seaweed salad (what can I say I love it). Naturally I walked away thinking: I’m going to make this at home, I’ve got to share this!

Beef Negimaki

Upcoming Market on Saturday


Howdy ho for all those who don’t know I have a lovely gluten-free booth at our local Terre Haute’s Farmers Market. I thoroughly love it. Connecting with new people, sharing delicious foods, it feels like home. In the winter the market is held in Clabber Girl the first Saturday of each month from 9 am to 1 pm. This month I am looking to create a varied menu, with the tastiest food yet. Included in the menu will be these yummy donuts above. Here is a peak at what else I am planning on making:

Bliss-on-the-Go: Go Green Chips


Sometimes you’ve got places to be, people to see. Sometimes you just want a little snack, not a whole meal. For meal post yoga I just want a little munch before I head off to hike. Boom solution: Go Green Chips plus some hard- boiled eggs and I am ready to adventure/explore/connect/soul-search/walk-it-out/jam/be mindful/be in bliss. Plus you can tailor your green mix to whatever you like. I find combining them together is easier for me. For instance spinach and I are aren’t really good friends, but when I put it in the mix with others greens that I enjoy, then we get along splendidly. Get creative, maybe throw in a little color, as you can see I’ve taken creative freedom to add some red cabbage to this batch!

Go Green Chips

Prep Day: Fun Day

005 - Copy

I do better with my eating when I am prepped and ready. Because I confess I can get a little impatient once I’m ready to eat. I don’t necessarily want to wait while I chop the veggies. And let’s face it, it’s probably a little unwise to be rushed when dicing peppers. I like all my fingers, just saying. So I take an afternoon. I take a little time, maybe an hour or less. Depends on how much food I’ve got to get ready. I get home. Spread it on the counter. Launch an attack list. What do I want to get done?

  • Cut up the cabbage, chard, collard greens, mustard greens, kale for chips. Toss it with oil, seasonings, and spinach and get them in the dehydrator-stat-to keep up with your Green veggie fixation
  • Take that bone marrow, make the BEST freaking bone broth ever
  • Cut the cauliflower in half. Make half into mashed cauliflower. Dehydrate the rest. Process and make some cauliflour (in blog development now)
  • Take that beautiful grass-fed roast, get it in the slow cooker with those flavorful bone broth cubes you’ve got in the freezer. When it’s done, take a few moment to shred and store.
  • Get the eggs out. You got three dozen. Boil a third of them. Boom and another on the go meal.
  • Slice the jerky. Get it in a marinate, that way all you have to do is put it in the dehydrator tomorrow. Continue reading “Prep Day: Fun Day”

Roast Goose

016I am a fan of homey foods. As I pointed out in my hunting post on Tuesday, I was raised on family dinners. Goose was a winter staple. Roasting it in the crock pot is my favorite way to make goose now. Serve it over some creamy cauliflower mash. Oh what a great meal!

Crock Pot Roast Goose

Hot Sweet Goose Jerky


My post yesterday on hunting was winded- I admit it. So today I am going to try and keep it simple and sweet. To me goose is a trickier meat. Not necessarily a crowd pleaser. It is darker meat. It can be a little gamier. The way I found to make it which hooks more people is jerky. Testament: my mom doesn’t like goose, but after making jerky (per my inspiration) she is in love. She ate it in a day and is on round #2. Plus making jerky I think is pretty easy. This recipe is one I like because I’m that savory, sweet girl. I like to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to flavor.

Hot and Sweet Goose Jerky

A Great Goose Hunt

Warning to any vegetarian followers I may have: you may want to skip today’s post it’s about my experiences with hunting.

With that being said, hunting has always been a part of my life. I was raised by hunters. Think I’m joking about the level of seriousness? My whole life I’ve heard: you can tell Britt is the unplanned one, I would never plan to have a kid during deer season. Legit statement. My birthday is November 24th and my father’s absence is pretty standard. I can’t tell you how many mornings, and how many birthdays I’ve spent dragging deer out of the woods. One lucky birthday (I believe it was my 21st) I got the honor of dragging two deer out of the woods. Not only did I get one boot stuck in the mud, but two, so that I bobbled, fell over and covered myself in mud. Good thing I’m a positive-minded person and laughed hardest at myself. Continue reading “A Great Goose Hunt”

Olympic Thoughts and some Borscht

031Confession: I am a complete Olympic nerd and  junkie. Growing up I always enjoyed those two weeks every two years when I could sit down with my family and watch the world’s finest. I couldn’t get enough. I’d read books. I searched the internet. I stocked up on Sports Illustrated. Then I’d spend my spare time sketching Olympic athlete after Olympic athlete. I grew up with a passion for art. After an advanced art class in 5th grade I become infatuated with drawing portraits. Later this morphed into sports photos. I studied Exercise Science in college. With so many anatomy classes and so much history with sports sketches you can see my fascination with the body. Now as I think about it, the interest is not about physical perfection or muscle definition, it’s about limits. I am a thoughtful person. Straight-up, I’m one of those positive thinking, meditating, peaceful, hippy types. And I’m okay with that. I thoroughly enjoy my thought process-that’s part of the reason I don’t drink anymore, I like what’s going on in my head. That being said I am a firm believer in infinite possibilities. I think we each hold an unfathomable amount of potential in each of us. I notice lately how I like to test this. Often they’re little test or sometimes they’re bigger. I’m always testing who I think I am (or who I should be) vs. the great me. I live for a challenge. If I perceive something to be harder, count me in, excitement is through the roof. I’ve hiked more in the snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures in Indiana than I did all Fall. However, if I think something is easy the excitement takes a dip, as does the energy. School for instance was a breeze. I rarely studied or tried. Unless someone told me a class was ‘hard’. Boom here comes the Brittany who wants to be extraordinary. That’s it, I want to believe in my own greatness. To me the Olympics kind of represents this. The best athletes from all over the world. Athletes who have over come the odds. Who have trained their whole lives. Who have faced challenges. Who have faced injuries. But despite whatever their back story, they’re here in Sochi fulfilling their passion. Continue reading “Olympic Thoughts and some Borscht”

Valentine Day Goodies

051Alright so Friday is Valentine’s Day, never one to miss  a theme opportunity, I have a compiled a few recipes. Notice the shape of a heart in every single one? I didn’t intend for that to happen, but they were so cute. I have also noticed in me that the Love Holiday brings out my love of bacon. Last year I featured a bacon bouquet, this year I have made chocolate dipped bacon hearts. What can I say I’m not a candy, chocolate kind of girl. So here are some delicious treats to share with the loved ones this week, enjoy!

027Chocolate Dipped Bacon Hearts