The Best Bacon Beet Green Chips

001I am still sticking with my foods that start with B kick! At the February Farmer’s Market I purchased some beautiful beets from Kate and Jason. My first initial reaction was to make a beet and curry stew. My second was to make chips. So lucky for you, I decided not to sacrifice, but jump in and make them both. See I really extend myself for you, my readers and recipe seekers. Alright, I love to create too, but mostly I do it, because I love to share. I feel as if I have made all kinds of veggie chips: radishes, kale, cabbage, spinach, collard greens, butternut, sweet potato, parsnip, rutabaga, and Brussels sprouts. And once a long time ago I made beet chips. I don’t feel like I gave them a fighting chance, so I tried them again. I’m sorry but I am still not a fan of beets. However when I stood there looking at the beet greens I thought, “I hate to toss these out”. So I threw them in the dehydrator too. Yum the beet greens were a surprising victory. Verdict on beet green chips: winning! Thanks to Jason and Kate for these yummy local goodness.

Beet Chips

  • Bundle of local beet greens
  • 1 tsp melted bacon fat
  • Bacon Salt

How to Make it Happen: Cut the greens into strips or triangles whatever chip shape you desire.. Toss them in the melted bacon fat and sea salt. Layer onto a dehydrator, making sure they are not overlapping, so they dry evenly. Leave overnight or throughout the day while you’re working. Don’t you love recipes that you can forget and go (like a good crockpot recipe)? Remove and snack away!

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