Beef Negimaki

060Sushi. My friends and family love sushi. Every birthday celebration dinner? Yep sushi. Starting with my birthday November 24th, we then hit the sushi house for Tab’s birthday December 7th, and then another time for Chelsey’s on the 15th. Is it any wonder than that post-break-up Chels arrives at 10 pm declaring, “I want sushi.” Naturally Tab and I are going to do anything she wants right now. They close at 10:30 get in the car. With a time crunch I gaze at the menu, my eyes make a beeline for beef negimaki. Note I’ve never had this, but for some reason I was getting a gut feeling to go for it. “Waiter I’ll take the beef negi…however you it.” Oh I was not disappointed. I normally get sashimi and I don’t eat rolls with rice, so this beef wrapped asparagus, which appeared at the table resembling a roll was winning. Normally my friends are always trying to check what I’m eating, nose crinkled up. Hmm…so eating something resembling theirs, I felt like I fit in at the dinner. Granted I was the only one eating seaweed salad (what can I say I love it). Naturally I walked away thinking: I’m going to make this at home, I’ve got to share this!

Beef Negimaki

  • Steak
  • 5 Asparagus
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Sea Salt

Let’s Make it Happen: Make sure the steak is a thin cut. To make sure, I used a tenderizer to thin it out a little more. Cut the ends off the asparagus spears. Wrap the steak around the asparagus. Secure with toothpicks. Soak with some vinegar and sea salt- if I’d had sesame seeds I would have used them too. Bake @ 350 for 15 minutes (I personally like my meat still pink, so time depends on the amount of doneness you like). Thinly slice. Arrange on a plate. Dig in.

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