A Great Goose Hunt

Warning to any vegetarian followers I may have: you may want to skip today’s post it’s about my experiences with hunting.

With that being said, hunting has always been a part of my life. I was raised by hunters. Think I’m joking about the level of seriousness? My whole life I’ve heard: you can tell Britt is the unplanned one, I would never plan to have a kid during deer season. Legit statement. My birthday is November 24th and my father’s absence is pretty standard. I can’t tell you how many mornings, and how many birthdays I’ve spent dragging deer out of the woods. One lucky birthday (I believe it was my 21st) I got the honor of dragging two deer out of the woods. Not only did I get one boot stuck in the mud, but two, so that I bobbled, fell over and covered myself in mud. Good thing I’m a positive-minded person and laughed hardest at myself. Continue reading “A Great Goose Hunt”

Olympic Thoughts and some Borscht

031Confession: I am a complete Olympic nerd and  junkie. Growing up I always enjoyed those two weeks every two years when I could sit down with my family and watch the world’s finest. I couldn’t get enough. I’d read books. I searched the internet. I stocked up on Sports Illustrated. Then I’d spend my spare time sketching Olympic athlete after Olympic athlete. I grew up with a passion for art. After an advanced art class in 5th grade I become infatuated with drawing portraits. Later this morphed into sports photos. I studied Exercise Science in college. With so many anatomy classes and so much history with sports sketches you can see my fascination with the body. Now as I think about it, the interest is not about physical perfection or muscle definition, it’s about limits. I am a thoughtful person. Straight-up, I’m one of those positive thinking, meditating, peaceful, hippy types. And I’m okay with that. I thoroughly enjoy my thought process-that’s part of the reason I don’t drink anymore, I like what’s going on in my head. That being said I am a firm believer in infinite possibilities. I think we each hold an unfathomable amount of potential in each of us. I notice lately how I like to test this. Often they’re little test or sometimes they’re bigger. I’m always testing who I think I am (or who I should be) vs. the great me. I live for a challenge. If I perceive something to be harder, count me in, excitement is through the roof. I’ve hiked more in the snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures in Indiana than I did all Fall. However, if I think something is easy the excitement takes a dip, as does the energy. School for instance was a breeze. I rarely studied or tried. Unless someone told me a class was ‘hard’. Boom here comes the Brittany who wants to be extraordinary. That’s it, I want to believe in my own greatness. To me the Olympics kind of represents this. The best athletes from all over the world. Athletes who have over come the odds. Who have trained their whole lives. Who have faced challenges. Who have faced injuries. But despite whatever their back story, they’re here in Sochi fulfilling their passion. Continue reading “Olympic Thoughts and some Borscht”

Valentine Day Goodies

051Alright so Friday is Valentine’s Day, never one to miss  a theme opportunity, I have a compiled a few recipes. Notice the shape of a heart in every single one? I didn’t intend for that to happen, but they were so cute. I have also noticed in me that the Love Holiday brings out my love of bacon. Last year I featured a bacon bouquet, this year I have made chocolate dipped bacon hearts. What can I say I’m not a candy, chocolate kind of girl. So here are some delicious treats to share with the loved ones this week, enjoy!

027Chocolate Dipped Bacon Hearts

The Best Bacon Beet Green Chips

001I am still sticking with my foods that start with B kick! At the February Farmer’s Market I purchased some beautiful beets from Kate and Jason. My first initial reaction was to make a beet and curry stew. My second was to make chips. So lucky for you, I decided not to sacrifice, but jump in and make them both. See I really extend myself for you, my readers and recipe seekers. Alright, I love to create too, but mostly I do it, because I love to share. I feel as if I have made all kinds of veggie chips: radishes, kale, cabbage, spinach, collard greens, butternut, sweet potato, parsnip, rutabaga, and Brussels sprouts. And once a long time ago I made beet chips. I don’t feel like I gave them a fighting chance, so I tried them again. I’m sorry but I am still not a fan of beets. However when I stood there looking at the beet greens I thought, “I hate to toss these out”. So I threw them in the dehydrator too. Yum the beet greens were a surprising victory. Verdict on beet green chips: winning! Thanks to Jason and Kate for these yummy local goodness.

Beet Chips

Good-Bye to Gluten

Ann Wigmore says...If you haven’t noticed yet pretty much everything I post is gluten-free. Why? To begin eating gluten-free is a personal choice. There are always a multitude of reasons going into any decision. For me it began with research and great books like Going Against the Grain and Wheat Belly. Add to that great information on Marks Daily Apple and the Weston A. Price. Wheat just isn’t the same as it was 100 years ago and we don’t handle it the same. After I started getting into the gluten grove, my grandfather got diagnosed with Celiac’s disease. Add to that an aunt. And a cousin with an intolerance here. It became obvious to me the easiest choice: cut out gluten. Preventative eating if you will. Plus I felt so much better not eating them. Making food gluten-free became a fun challenge. I like the adventure of morphing a traditional family meal into a new, improved, better for you/better tasting dinner. If I can get the approval of my four and six year old nephews I’ve struck gold in my food transformations. After not eating grains for so long I don’t crave them. People ask me that: don’t you want pizza or cookies? Honestly no. If I eat anything like that I’d rather have one of my own before some wheat-enriched store- bought treat. Gluten-free is my choice. If you’re on the gluten-free adventure too, join me here on this site for some yummy alternatives. Here is some of what I found in some of my research and some of my own beliefs.

To me insulin balance is a key component to longevity and health. The way to do this is to get rid of the problem children. You know grains, starches and sugars that lace all the processed foods that find their ways into most Americans’ mouths persistently more than grass-fed hamburgers and vegetables (for instance). But grains tasty so yummy right? From flours we get wonderful treats like pasta, bread, muffins, cookies, and so much more. What are these grains doing to our bodies, though? With the word Celiac becoming more widespread and a growing number of gluten intolerances, aren’t grains worth taking a further examination of? We didn’t consume grains that much before the wonderful coming of agriculture. Wheat doesn’t taste good on its own. Who enjoys pasta or bread without at least some butter, and cookies would not be nearly as good without some added sugar. Bread does not grown on trees, therefore we didn’t eat it. And as we’ll discover we (just like the livestock that we shovel grains down their throats) were not intended or designed to eat them either. The suspects? Gluten Continue reading “Good-Bye to Gluten”

Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler

009As I promised Wednesday today I am posting a heart-warming Apple Cobbler. Here in Indiana it’s a nice and chilly -8 degrees, so cozy food is where it’s at. This was actually pretty easy to make. And most importantly it was a crowd pleaser raved and ranted about by my official taste testers who put themselves on the line to sample my food for me. Enjoy!

Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler

Apple Pie Cookies


I did this recipe originally for a cooking class. What I liked most was that it used coconut flour. In my head I would love to use coconut flour more than almond flour, but it is tricky devil to work with. It can get quite dense, a bit chalky. Certain things it rocks at, like frying fish or chicken. A slight dusting goes a long way. But when it comes to baking I find it less friendly. Although I confess it is better than almond flour in cakes and cupcakes. I think the apple and the spices help it in this recipe. Tasty! Warmed up curled around a fireplace, this would be a great little Fall treat. I plan on posting a Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler Friday, so I thought: what better to prepare or segue into that than with an apple cookie?!?!

Apple Pie Cookies