Perfectly Baked Bacon


A trip to my grandparents’ to discuss gluten-free donuts, naturally led to a conversation about bacon (the love obviously runs in the family). They have been baking their bacon in the oven and they raved of its perfection. I had to give it a go. And here we have it. I couldn’t get pictures that truly justified taste. Again it’s one of those instances where a smell or taste cam would really help this post. I didn’t go the entire time I was instructed because I don’t like mine super crispy. The juices ran off and the flavor was FANTASTIC.I will never fry bacon again.

Perfect Baked Bacon

  • bacon

Let’s Make it Happen: Arrange bacon on a rack with a sheet underneath (I recommend covering in foil for easy clean-up). Bake @ 350 for 30 minutes (Although I stopped at 22 minutes). That is seriously all it took. Best bacon I’ve had in months.


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