Bacon Plantain Wraps

004 (1)I may or may not have a problem with wrapping things in bacon, but what can I say it’s bacon. I partly blame my own infatuation with bacon and I partly blame my friends who are newly single. Apparently bacon (and sweet potato fries) are the best break-up food. Talking about my sweet potato bacon wraps at work the other day, I was struck with brilliance: let’s try plantains. And so I made them. I’ll note here if I had to alter this recipe I would flash fry the plantains in coconut oil for like a minute on each side before wrapping them. If you’ve never tried plantains, this may be a good first effort in giving them a shot. Even though they may look like bananas, they are not sweet. They are more starchy. They pair nicely with coconut oil and salt.

Bacon Wrapped Plantains

  • Plantain
  • Bacon

Let’s Make it Happen: Slice plantains. Remove the peel. Flash slices in coconut oil with a little sea salt. Remove and set on a napkin. Wait a few minutes. Wrap in bacon. Place on a rack and baking sheet. Bake @ 350 for 30 minutes. Eat and enjoy!

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