Bacon Wrapped Asparagus


This last couple days in Indiana has been Heaven weather wise. Last summer I made the choice to start commuting by back. Today as I drove home and thought about returning to town my gut kicked in: ride your bike. Boom an hour later I had my helmet on, back strapped on, music rocking, a smile on my face, and I raced (well not really it’s been a few months) up the hills of 63 to meet my family and my beloved twin nephews. Seven miles in and seven miles back, I would do over and over again for those babies. Yes my ass and thighs will be crying tomorrow and Tuesday, but watching super hero movies, dancing and singing to Queen, smothering them with kisses takes my afternoon over the top. The last hill as I peddle faster to the Mariah playing on the radio (Make it Happen), I decide I am going to make something happen in the kitchen for dinner. Lately I have been eating asparagus wrapped in various meats (salmon and beef). I also have bacon brain (self-diagnosed myself with the condition), probably because the midwest has decided to be awesome and Terre Haute is hosting a baconfest this month. Is it any wonder than that I had to wrap bacon Continue reading “Bacon Wrapped Asparagus”

Peppered Bacon Salt

011My new, favorite way to season? That my friends is with an unbelievably easy to make: bacon salt. Bacon is salty, why not grind it up and add just a hint of bacon to everything? Plus as I said it’s EASY. And I got a peppered bacon. Knock out two spices in one. It’s all you need. Try it!

Bacon Salt

Perfectly Baked Bacon


A trip to my grandparents’ to discuss gluten-free donuts, naturally led to a conversation about bacon (the love obviously runs in the family). They have been baking their bacon in the oven and they raved of its perfection. I had to give it a go. And here we have it. I couldn’t get pictures that truly justified taste. Again it’s one of those instances where a smell or taste cam would really help this post. I didn’t go the entire time I was instructed because I don’t like mine super crispy. The juices ran off and the flavor was FANTASTIC.I will never fry bacon again.

Perfect Baked Bacon