Creamed Eggs

This handsome man is my lovely, crazy, passionate dad. I believe he is a one of the reasons I love to cook so much. He is a bomb ass cook. Growing up, we lived in the country. Trips to town or fast food were rare. We had dinners together- prepared by my father. I also remember how we each had our Hell No I’m Not Eating That foods (mine was Tuna Casserole I hated it, but we also had the “You’re not leaving the Table until you’re finished rule, so I also have memories of being spoon-fed heaping forkfuls of casserole- I was a quite a stubborn child sometimes). My sisters were peas and creamed eggs. Mention creamed eggs today and my sister is sure to go into mocking fits of gagging. Me and my brother on the other hand adored creamed eggs. What are they? Think biscuits and gravy, but with hard-boiled eggs. So last week when I decided to feature egg recipes, I knew this was the first one I wanted to modernize. The result? I vote tasty and like I said I grew up on Creamed Eggs. I think another option to the bread could be doing the eggs and gravy over a sweet potato hash possibly. Hmm….

004Creamed Eggs



  • 1 tbsp almond flour
  • 2 tbsp coconut flour
  • 1/2 cup bacon grease
  • 2 cups of coconut milk

Let’s Make it Happen: Begin by making you gluten-free bread. I have provided several links to what I have found to be the best recipes. I personally used the first link for mine. Next hard-boil a dozen eggs (click the link for last weeks post on baking them). Prep gravy my stirring the flours and grease. Gradually add in the coconut milk. Keep whisking until the gravy thickens up. Dice the eggs and add to the gravy. Tear the bread into shreds (I remember growing up that this was our favorite part to help with). Pour gravy over the bread crumbs and you are ready to chow down.

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