Apple Kale Fauxtato Salad

20140617_200419Here is another recipe I made with the delicious produce I got from the market. Kate and Jason are two of my favorite people. Kate’s got those earthy, cool, eclectic vibes. I remember the first time I ran into her at the market a couple of summers ago. I was rocking some pink hair, and she had a phenomenal outfit with cabby hat in tow. We both turned, paused, “you look awesome.” Boom, an instant kindred spirit. Plus she brews her own kombucha in a variety of yummy flavors. Hello, last week she had cherry coconut, two of my favorite foods meeting in taste bud matrimonial bliss. Jason on the other hand rocks the barefoot, no shoe look at the market (which I am pretty jealous of), getting his earthing on. We discuss books, and in his eyes I am a celebrity of sorts for having read Walden. If only positive notoriety came from my list of existentialist reading list. Oh and he makes his own soaps and uses water kefir. Basically they are the coolest f***ing couple I know and a future version of what my dreams look like. Kate and Jason also make their own krauts, I could make my own kimchi, but theirs is so good. Plus their Dirt Boy Organics delivered today’s featured kale. Naturally I opted for the purple stemmed variety.

I am truly not a big fan of cooking in the summer. I like to spend time outdoors, plus my biking leaves me hot, sweaty, and heated up. I don’t then feel the urge to heat up the oven and cook anything. I want produce freshness. So this recipe I decided to go for something a little lighter, easier-to-make, and crisp. It is good! Plus I ate it as leftovers for a couple of days, adding some hard-boiled eggs= even better!

Apple Kale Fauxtato Salad

  • Apple
  • Bundle of kale
  • Head of Cauliflower
  • Bolthouse Salsa Ranch
  • 1/4 of a red onion
  • Sea salt and pepper

Let’s Make it Happen: Start by cutting up the cauliflower. Boil in water until it is tender (soft). Strain. Let it cool. Chop the apple. Tear up the kale into smaller pieces. Toss it together with the apple, cauliflower, dressing, onion, and season to taste. That is it. It’s that easy. Feel free to take some creative freedom. Maybe add some bacon pieces. Maybe add some chopped pecans or sunflower seeds. Maybe make your own mayo. I had the Bolthouse on hand ad so I just used it. But I liked it’s combination with the apple. Enjoy fresh an leftover!

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