Sweet & Savory Peach Broccoli Pork

015For those new to my blogs, I will tell you straight away I enjoy playing around with flavors and flavor profiles. Notably savory and sweet, as you will see highlighted today. I think how we season our foods can often be a reflection of our personalities and moods. My dad for instance is a simple salt straight-shooter. My mom however is sweet and bubbly and her cinnamon touches reflect that. Me? I feel I’m a little sweet, a little simple, and a touch feisty (spicy), with a subtle, honest hint.

Today while meandering through the store, shopping for things I needed to bake for the market, I found myself poised in front of the produce section. Hmm… I haven’t had broccoli in a while. And I usually go for bacon to pair with it, but today I decided to use some sausage that I got from Royer Farms at the market. Maybe I’ll add a little pecans. Sounds like a nice little dinner. Then as I was getting ready to cook dinner, Chelsey reminded me that there were peaches in the fridge. Hmm (again)….why not? I took the timing as a universal sign that I  should go for it. Add the peaches. Really go for that savory sweet deliciousness you love. And so I did. It was tasty. A combination of flavor, color, texture. Basically everything you could want on a plate. Plus it was unbelievably filling. Judging by my vote that I’d make this again, I think this recipe is a definite keeper.

Sweet & Savory Peach Broccoli Pork

  • Peach
  • 1 Broccoli Crown
  • 4 oz. local sausage
  • a sprinkling of pecans
  • sea salt
  • cayenne pepper
  • cinnamon
  • coconut oil

011Let’s Make it Happen: Heat coconut oil on a medium heat. Just enough to coat the bottom. Chop broccoli. Toss it in the skillet. Season with cayenne pepper. Now get to work on the peach. Cut into slices and then into smaller chunks. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Add to the skillet. Now add the meat. Season it all with sea salt. Cook until the vegetables are tender and until the meat is no longer pink, but cooked thoroughly. Lastly throw in the pecans. Pour onto a plate. Enjoy!

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