Cucumber Chips

006I thoroughly, incandescently love being at the Farmer’s Market. I have always enjoyed going to the market as an outsider for years. Actually at markets in general, I could loose myself at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle. Now being a part of it every week, I look forward to each and every Saturday. Even if it’s raining, I am going to be sunshining and ready to go.I am happy, enthused, and grateful to be there. Grateful for every person I make. Thankful for each new connection. Thankful for everyone who stops to talk to me. Grateful to my neighbor vendors who help me set up my tent. So appreciative for any and every single sell. After two and a half months in I’m starting to feel more at home at the market. Friendlier with my neighbors. Talking with more vendors. Expanding my shopping list each week (last week I scored some beautiful flowers from Kate and Carol).

What is not to love? I get to connect with people. I get to connect with other vendors. I get to compliment, compliment, and compliment (I enjoy giving genuine compliments in case you didn’t get the hint (Rock an amazing outfit, emote a great energy, smile and I will likely stop you and say something). The sense of community is intoxicating. The good vibes from supporting your local economy. Of meeting the farmer or shaking the hand of the person who tenderly worked so hard to bring you your dinner. How much better food tastes with this history. With this soul. Like the good vibrations inject themselves into your food.

After last week’s market, I scored some cucumber from the lovely Carol (who also sold me the stunning flowers). What to do with cucumbers? I normally marinate them with onions in oil and vinegar. But a chance glance at my dehydrator had me pondering the possibilities. Hmm….why not give it a try? And so here you have it crisp, salty cucumber chips. Enjoy! Enjoy the food. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the moment. And enjoy the markets this weekend. Full of love and possibilities today. Let good, soul food fuel you for the day.

Cucumber Chips

  • 3 local cucumbers or homegrown
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp bacon fat
  • sea salt
  • mint

Let’s Make it Happen: This is so easy to make. Kind of like a crock pot, only slice, arrange and go. Skin the cucumber. Slice as thinly as possible. The thinner you slice them the quicker and crispier they’ll dry. Melt bacon fat (feel free to improvise here, use coconut oil or olive oil or ghee). Toss the cucumbers with vinegar, fat, sea salt and mint. Place in a dehydrator after night. Bag and go. Enjoy after a nice hike or a killer bike ride or after a yoga flow sweat or a kick ass kettlebell sess at the park. Or just snack at home while you watch T.V. Witches of East End or Game of Thrones anyone?

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