Egg Waffles

015I have had this on my ‘To Flog’ list for months now. I feel I am constantly going on about the things I love, but what can I say I’m one of those life enthusiast who gets excited easily (which was confirmed by my roommate warning me not to get the dog riled up because apparently I get excited just talking-oops). So today I will profess my love of eggs. I can (do) eat eggs all the time. They are an inexpensive source of wonderful nutrients. I also have people who care for me greatly and get me pasture-raised eggs from one of my fellow vendors- L&A Farms. Know what a good egg looks like? They are not cloudy to start with. And they have a rich golden color, rather than a murky yellowed hue. Oh deliciousness, I once did an entire cooking class with only egg recipes- that’s over 30 recipes- and I had a had time cutting my list down.

Anyways, I like to start out my days with eggs. I will again confess that although I am a baker, I don’t actually eat a lot of the things I bake, even if it’s Paleo-friendly (I just like the creativity part of baking). So when I got this cool waffle maker and I want to make something for myself, what better than egg waffles? That’s what I thought!! I thought salsa would be a fun little addition to the mix as well (note: I once made fermented salsa and it was tasty. That’s what I would use instead for some morning-time flora boost). Egg muffins are easy, but egg waffles are pretty and fun.

Egg Waffles

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tbsp coconut milk
  • sea salt
  • basil
  • pepper
  • bacon crumbles
  • salsa

012Let’s Make it Happen: Fry bacon and chop or throw into a food processor. Whisk eggs, coconut milk and spices in a liquid measuring cup. Get your waffle iron heating up. Spray. Gently pour a little of the egg mix into the maker. Allow to cook for a few moments. Stack. Pile on some salsa. Sprinkle with bacon crumbles. Boom, a whole food breakfast waffle stack!

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