Mindful Eating: Changing your Habits

Do you believe in manifesting? In the law of attraction? Well I have been thinking lately about my future. I come from a family of teachers and coaches and I’ve been thinking of how I can incorporate teaching into my future business plans. Something that feels authentic and true to myself.

Part of what I can’t get out of my mind lately is mindfulness. As I’ve taken time lately to slow down, get still and meditate, I realize that I need to add more mindfulness. Especially when I’m eating. So it came to me that I would like to evolve to teaching mindful eating habits (okay it’s been there for a while, since my cousin Jacki told me about going to a food meditation). Thus if I want to teach it, I need to DO and practice it myself. And so I have been. But as it’s been on my mind a lot lately, it is only fitting that I asked for it and have received guidance, in this email I got from Gabby Bernstein this morning.

I am like Gabby in this instance. I seem to be going at about 100 most of the time. Eating is now exception. I tend to plow through a plate, rather than taking time to enjoy what I’ve created. Which has honestly not served me well in the past. I blaze past the signals telling me I’m full. I continue to eat for eatings sake. Or I’d end up binging. I’ll jump into this loop of shame. Gone is the pleasure of eating.

How can I get it back? For me it began with deciding to change. Change my habits. Change my routine. Create a new ritual. No more eating on-the-go. No eating in the car. Take time to eat a meal, like you take time to mediate. Like Gabby says when people say they don’t have time: do you have time to feel like shit? Because I will attest that if my eating is not good, I don’t feel good, period. I want to perform at a high level when I’m going a 100, so I better slow down and create time for mindful habits.


And so I have created a new routine. Now I think it’s important that the habit seem natural to you. Not everyone’s will be the same. This is what works and feels good to me. With each meal I take time preparing it. Then once my plate is ready, I sit on my big pillow downstairs. I light my candles. I turn off distractions. No phone. No computer. No music. I say a silent little thanks for the food and fuel. And then I slowly take to eating it. One bite at a time. I taste each bite. I allow myself to enjoy each bite. To celebrate each bite. Then when I am full or partially full, I stop. I give thanks again. I rest for a moment with my eyes closed, before I go and wash my plate off. That’s it, but boy does it make a difference!

Think about it. Think about your relationship to food. What are your habits? Are they working? I’ll be frank, my habits were not working. What does it hurt to try something new? Maybe try it for 40 days? That’s how long they say it takes for habits to form. How can you start including more mindfulness into your eating routine?

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