Bacon Brie Apple Stuffed Butternut

qrXBOoPTe0NqVWcdyeCM1esKuR-tx9HI5pqbNhV7xx8=w788-h524-noI have been stuffing things like crazy lately! My lapse/sporadic posting has been because I have been working this past holiday season on being present. Shutting off my phone. Getting off my computer, and diving headfirst into enjoying my family and friend time. I have also spent A LOT of time in the kitchen. Time in the kitchen, where I was also practicing presence. I wasn’t worried about sales. Or making food quickly to get out to a waiting customer. I wasn’t even thinking about writing or photographs (which is probably why this photo isn’t my favorite). I was merely enjoying time in the kitchen. I cranked up some Allen Stone (pretty much listening to Circle on repeat) and got to dancing and singing around the kitchen, as I let down my walls to really start creating. Sliding around on the floor, pouring pecans here. Singing with my whisk microphone on my way to the pantry. Dancing my way down to open the oven. Just letting go completely, as I set to make some delicious food for people I love. Simple. Sweet. Magical.

I actually spent more time making side dishes and savory food this past holiday, than baking. As I mentioned, I stuffed a lot of things (mostly squash). I stuffed a butternut for the Paulin’s. I stuffed an acorn squash (gifted to me by my rad boss who knows food is one of the best gifts to give me, what can I say I’m a simple girl). I stuffed sweet potatoes. My favorite, however, was today’s blog: Bacon Brie Apple Stuffed Butternut. It also received rave reviews from my assortment of taste testers. Continue reading “Bacon Brie Apple Stuffed Butternut”

Apple Upside Down Sausage Muffins

4I like off-the-wall kind of questions, out of the mainstream, pocket book: what’s your name? Where are you from? Where do you work? Where do you go to school? What are you studying? What classes do you have? Blah, blah, blah… generic. What do these questions tell us about a person? Do they get us in touch with the essence of the person? Do they give us a little incite? A little peak into their inner weirdness? Do they actually tell us anything about what that person likes? What drives them? What they’re interests are? What are they passionate about? I enjoy throwing something at someone like: what’s your favorite cheese (I can’t tell you how many conversations I have about cheese and if someone says they don’t like cheese and they don’t have an allergy, I’m not gonna lie I’m a bit iffy. Even if you don’t eat cheese, at some point you did.)? Or: you’re on stage, the lights are shining bright, what karaoke song do you sing (again if someone says they’d never do karaoke I am leery, what is life without risk and fun?)? I love to watch people’s faces when I ask the questions. At first they’re generally a little thrown off. It’s not a commonly asked question. So then you see the wheels begin to turn. And then there’s that little bit of magic. Their eyes light up, as it clicks. Their mouth turns up into a little involuntary smile, sometimes a little shy/slyly. Then they look up and answer. It’s that look though that gets me. When I was working on my BeYOUtiful project that’s when I wanted to snap pictures, when they realized when they felt most beautiful. This little vulnerable, positive vibed moment. I live for those little moments.

I was thrilled the other day at work when Julie popped her head into the kitchen to ask what our favorite Holiday food tradition was. As I rack my brain, my co-foodie young Jude (Judah, he’s never had a nickname with a cool name like Judah, so I’ve been working on the just Jude thing) answers first. Judah comes from a large family (as in over 10 kids), and his mom has kind of become a rock star in my eyes. Besides raising so many children, her research fancies, seem to mirror my own interest. Needless to say I think she’s awesome, despite never meeting her. Anyways, Jude shares a breakfast tradition his mom did a few years ago. As he began describing the apple brown sugar bottom, topped with a turkey sausage, sweet muffin mixture over the top, my thoughts were Continue reading “Apple Upside Down Sausage Muffins”

Guest Post: Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Cashew Cheese

Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Cashew CheeseThis is a guest post from Louise at, and I think you’ll love this recipe. Louise also just released her new cookbook, which comes with some amazing recipes and a bunch of awesome bonuses – click here to check it out!

Here’s Louise…

One of the last foods I gave up when I went Paleo was cheese. My husband and I both loved cheese, and I’d guess that almost half of our dishes contained cheese of some sort.

We used to make these bacon-wrapped dates with blue cheese, but now that we don’t eat cheese any longer, we had to find a new way to make this recipe. (We didn’t really NEED to find a Paleo way to make it, but we just couldn’t resist).

You wouldn’t imagine it, but the cashews actually turn out quite well as a substitute for cheese. I certainly never imagined it would turn out this well.

The only problem with this recipe is that 16 dates probably won’t last very long for you.

Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Cashew ‘Cheese’

Prep Time: 15 minutes (however, cashews should ideally be soaked overnight before using)
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Yield: 4 servings
Serving Size: 4 dates

• 16 pitted dates (small) (scale up the cashew and coconut oil amounts for larger dates) Continue reading “Guest Post: Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Cashew Cheese”

Shaved Rutabaga with Venison

iYsSUuhOgY7E658bCpDq6MoF9nhrRuRGMQKwivhVeH8=w788-h524-noA few weeks ago I shared a lovely little story about hunting with my men and how eating food that you have a connection and experience with, seems to just taste and feel better going down. Well today I have some more of that beautiful venison to share with you.

Many hunters go through stages. Eventually you get to this level (insert my brother), where you hunt for the trophy buck. Whereas, at my level and humble beginnings, I am merely trying to kill an animal and sustain dinner for the night. The thing about hunting older, bigger bucks is they may not yield as tender of meat as their younger, smaller counterparts. The lovely 10-pointer Cliff got on Thanksgiving was gorgeous, but slightly tougher eating than any other deer we got this season.

I am saying all this, because I have found with this particular deer, I enjoy cutting it up into little cubes and tossing it in the skillet. Plus, I also have it planned out in my head (and meat unthawing in the sink) that I’m going to make some of it into deer burgers. Since I happened to have a rutabaga on hand, I opted for pairing it with my venison tonight, for an impromptu, yet very tasty meal.

Cubed Venison with Shaved Rutabaga Continue reading “Shaved Rutabaga with Venison”

Girls Night Pizza

10847773_10100922171767504_2195672510042243112_nI confess I am a total weirdo when it comes to food and eating habits. I often end up eating by myself. Part of this is self-induced, part of it is circumstantial. I spend most of my time cooking for other people nowadays, that by the time I get home, I typically end up eating a quick one-skillet meal. Also, add in that I have a peculiar taste in food. I admit sometimes I stretch the limits on what is conventional and most of my recipes are experiments. No one is really adamant on joining me for dinner when I am playing around with liver dishes. Add to the solo eating, the fact that I rarely eat out. Cooking is an area where I still grasp at control (in most aspects of my life I have the laid back, let it go, hippy vibe going on). I like to cook my own food. I like to do my own shopping. I like to know where my food is coming from and what’s going in to my meal. Lastly I think one of the biggest factors comes from my parents health business. I got such a complex about my body and eating. I felt under a microscope when I ate, and so I just started eating by myself, a contrast to growing up, when we sat down to family dinners.

This holiday season (actually I started contemplating this before then) has me thinking about the social aspect of eating. I guess the historical/cultural junkie in me thinks of societies like France and Italy, where eating is an experience. An experience you enjoy with others. Where you sit, socialize and eat. Not where you shovel portions down your throat, while you sit texting, posting, tweeting and instagramming on your phones the entire time. You actually engage with the people sitting around you. You take your time. You enjoy the experience. You enjoy the food. You enjoy the company. Continue reading “Girls Night Pizza”

Bone Broths

3DsPF1-UUHElCkLitz-3I0pqmZDJUb6QZuO2stjOdXg=w788-h524-no“I want people with coffee cups and sip lids to be walking down the street sipping on broth—not coffee, not tea, not Gatorade,” Canora says, “because of all of these reasons, and also because it’s f*cking delicious. There’s something so satisfying about sipping a hot cup of broth that I feel we all need so badly in our lives.” —Lisa Elaine Held

I have certain moments when I stop and know with clarity: you Brittany are such a food dork. I spent most of my time with my parents studying like a fiend in between kicking kettlebell ass. I have been out of the constant research game for a while because frankly you can overwhelm yourself. Which I believe is counter intuitive to what you’re trying to do. Stress, worry, and over-analyzing is just as harmful to the body as a shitty diet or lack of exercise (or over-exercise). After years away, I still find myself raving about bone broths. I was so stocked to find an article (read the article by clicking the link) on my feed about a chef in New York serving bone broths in coffee cups (so much so that I shared it twice). Holy sh**, I thought that is awesome. It is awesome because I’ve been preaching them for the past 5 years. I could go into a long-winded elaborate explanation why to incorporate bone broth, but the article gave a lovely simple reasoning, because bone broth has the potential for “boosting gut health and fighting inflammation to providing a dose nutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium, amino acids, and collagen. ” Bottom line: it’s soothing and your gut will love you for it! Continue reading “Bone Broths”

Venison Stir Fry

004 (2)I have been raised by a family of storytellers. I come from a line of hunters and fishermen. I think storytelling comes with the territory. With every hunt or catch there is always a tale (often an elaborate, embellished tale).

In most situations I would consider myself a very non-traditional, eclectic individual. When it comes to family, however, I am all about tradition, and creating new traditions. Thanksgiving has always been a morning for hunting in our family. I can’t tell you how 017 (2)many times I’ve been woken up to drag deer out of the woods (happy holiday to me, and sometimes happy birthday as well). But this year I discovered that if ever you need to be Continue reading “Venison Stir Fry”