Bone Broths

3DsPF1-UUHElCkLitz-3I0pqmZDJUb6QZuO2stjOdXg=w788-h524-no“I want people with coffee cups and sip lids to be walking down the street sipping on broth—not coffee, not tea, not Gatorade,” Canora says, “because of all of these reasons, and also because it’s f*cking delicious. There’s something so satisfying about sipping a hot cup of broth that I feel we all need so badly in our lives.” —Lisa Elaine Held

I have certain moments when I stop and know with clarity: you Brittany are such a food dork. I spent most of my time with my parents studying like a fiend in between kicking kettlebell ass. I have been out of the constant research game for a while because frankly you can overwhelm yourself. Which I believe is counter intuitive to what you’re trying to do. Stress, worry, and over-analyzing is just as harmful to the body as a shitty diet or lack of exercise (or over-exercise). After years away, I still find myself raving about bone broths. I was so stocked to find an article (read the article by clicking the link) on my feed about a chef in New York serving bone broths in coffee cups (so much so that I shared it twice). Holy sh**, I thought that is awesome. It is awesome because I’ve been preaching them for the past 5 years. I could go into a long-winded elaborate explanation why to incorporate bone broth, but the article gave a lovely simple reasoning, because bone broth has the potential for “boosting gut health and fighting inflammation to providing a dose nutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium, amino acids, and collagen. ” Bottom line: it’s soothing and your gut will love you for it!

Naturally after reading this article I was itching to get my hands on some bones. Sadness hit when I realized we didn’t have a market for another couple of weeks. What is a stubborn, persistent girl to do? Well, I was in luck. On my birthday weekend, I found myself in Bloomington, Indiana (definitely a foodie’s dream, they have a phenomenal co-op and local food community). Immediately we stumbled upon their farmer’s market. “Am I dreaming,” I thought. They still have their outdoor market in November? In Indiana? When we had snow last week? Bad asses! Here my dorkiness shows. I was overwhelmed with the number of vendors. But I was completely drunk on the fact that I walked away not only with grass-fed bones, but a large tub of lard (which you will be seeing in more and more recipes to come). It seriously made my day. And that may be sad and I probably shouldn’t share it here for just anyone to see, but it is the truth.

And now I have finally made some delicious-smelling, heart-warming, heal my gut (soul) broth.

Brittany’s Broth

  • Bones (preferably grass-fed)
  • water
  • apple cider vinegar
  • carrots
  • broccoli
  • onion
  • garlic
  • rosemary
  • garlic
  • pepper
  • curry powder

Let’s Make it Happen: Roast bones for an hour at 400. Place in a pot. Cover with filtered water.  Toss in the veggies. Sprinkled with seasonings. Bring to a boil. Add a splash of vinegar. Turn it down to a simmer. Keep simmering for 24 hours. Keep skimming foam off the top and adding water. Strain it. Put in a container. I am also a fan of freezing it into ice cube treys. Fill up your coffee cups and get to sipping.

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