Dad’s Bacon Turkey

hdjncYEBLrWdvOa3sw4KhGW3PeCLFpwzZuZ6UEI-9z4=w932-h524-noBetter late than never? My posting has been sporadic at best lately, and the truth is my eating has been kind of boring. Or frankly I haven’t set aside time for kitchen experiments. This little gem is actually a recipe from my father.

I’m reading Michael Pollan’s book Cooked at the moment. Though, I am just at the beginning, his words about cooking, the tradition and how a modern lack of cooking effects us, has my head spinning and my wheels churning. I LOVE TO COOK.  In fact I spend most of my time cooking for other people. But then if you look at my history this makes complete sense. My grandmothers are great bakers and cooks. My dad! Man my dad can cook his ass off. I was raised in the country next to my cousins and grandparents. Our intimate family sat down to home cooked meals. Sunday’s we had extended family dinner at my grandparents’ after church. So when my dad suggested we start having our family Christmas the Sunday before and that we sit down for a meal first, my heart melts. Because, although I may come across as nontraditional or eccentric, at my core, I live for family traditions. When he suggested next year that we have pigs on New Years Day, I am instantly transported back to New Years Day’s at my grandpa and grandma Paulin’s when the WHOLE crew would stay. We’d have pigs, sled or attempt to ice skate if the lake was frozen, play euchre (hello we’re Hoosiers), harass one another and just have a plain old good time. Food/traditions hold memories or moments. There’s nostalgia. To think of these moments, now, just writing this, fills me with joy. And that is why I care about family traditions. That is part of the reason I cook.

This year my dad has brought this bomb Turkey Bacon Amazingness to Thanksgiving and Christmas. And now I share it with you (and it’s pretty easy, hence the short instructions).

004 (1)Turkey Bacon Amazingness

  • Turkey breast
  • 10 strips of bacon (or whatever covers the top of your turkey)
  • Salt and pepper

To Make: Begin by de-boning your turkey. Yep, take all the bones out. Lay it out on your baking sheet as flat as possible, skin-side down. Now season with salt and pepper. Lay and layer strips of bacon on top. Bake at 350 for about an hour or until the bacon is crisp. Cut into hunks, or we found the best serving was to cube and tooth pick. Enjoy!

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