Pesto and Prosciutto Pizza

I may have mentioned this the over day, but for some reason I always go back to serving people pizza. I dream of a food bus carrying: Paulin’s Paleo Pizza. So when I was supposed to have a few friends over from work the other day what did I make? Pizza! (I also attempted ice cream, but it was only half-heartedly and still early in the season).

Really what happened is that my girl Julie and I have been trying unsuccessfully for a while now (months) to have a craft, hair, food, artsy, whatever we feel day. On our original day I was set to make cauliflower pizza. She blew a tire. This go around I was talking at work about making pizza again, but using another crust. Judah, chimed in that I always say I’m going to bring him pizza, but have yet to. A little stunned (happy) about being called out on my lack of impeccability, I aimed to right it. Needless to say Judah was invited to join us later on into our girls day. I received a text from Julie at 5 am that she’d been up sick for hours. Julie didn’t make it out of bed. But I did stick to my word and made a pizza for Judah. Plus he brought me kombucha that his mom made, as a trade. Fermented food and beverages speak to my heart, so parting with the pizza was relatively easy.

I will advise to use your favorite Paleo pizza crust recipe. I have linked to the plantain crust that I made last week. I wanted to redeem myself with toppings on this pizza, because originally I was crust focused. Julie, Jude, and I have frequent foodie type conversations at work. We dream up flavor profiles and play around with grilled cheese ideas. Lately pesto has been a hot topic and made it’s way into many sandwiches. I also had all this prosciutto and Parmesan on hand that my hand friend brought me. Hmm….prosciutto…..definitely have to go with pesto rather than tomato sauce. While I was at work, I also made the executive decision to leave some of the prosciutto and crisp some it. The verdict after a long-awaited promise for pizza. Jude said it was freaking good pizza and he may or may not have eaten it in one sitting. A small victory for the day. Eventually, the Universe will align too for the perfect Craft and Pizza day.

Prosciutto and Pesto Pizza

  • 1 Pizza Crust
  • Pesto (here’s a good recipe if you want to try making your own)
  • 5 slices of Prosciutto
  • Parmesan (optional)

Let’s Make it Happen: Make your pizza crust. Spoon pesto on top. Spread evenly over the top of the pizza crust. Slice prosciutto. Toss a few in a skillet to crisp up a bit. Layer the rest of the stuff around the top of the pizza. Add the crispy prosciutto now. Sprinkle on some cheese (if using). Place back in the oven at 350 and allow cheese to melt. Slice and serve!

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