Double Pork Wrapped Asparagus

I love baking. I love creating. But truthfully, most of my own kitchen time is simple and quick. It is lacking in the elaborate efforts I put into cooking for others. It does, however, taste freaking delicious!

2015-04-18 06.06.13My ideal fridge is packed with lots of vegetables. Green as far as the eye can see. So last week when I went to the store, I aimed high for filling my refrigerator for the week with lots of tasty veggies. Opening the door, I stand and contemplate for a moment. I am not a girl who likes to over-prepare or think. I am very much a free spirit, who lives in the moment. Granted sometimes I will create as I’m walking or hiking in the woods, my imagination and creativity spike when I’m surrounded by trees. My best really happens on the spot though.

Take this morning for instance. On our way out to kettlebell class, my mother is urging me to be thinking of a good routine. Do I? No. I wait until I get the white erase marker in my hands and just let exercises just flow onto the board. So as I stand in my fridge, weighing my options, I just start to conceptualize a dish. This is going to be good. I just know. Most of my cooking is based on intuition, gut feelings, and a whole lot of confidence. And I wasn’t let down, this one of the best meals I’ve made in a while. Like I mentioned it was also easy and didn’t take long to make.

2015-04-18 06.06.45Double Pork Wrapped AsparagusĀ 

  • Pork chop
  • 4 asparagus spears
  • 3 pieces of bacon
  • sriracha seasoning
  • sea salt

Let’s Make it Happen: Season the pork with sriracha seasoning and sea salt. Cut the bottoms of the asparagus spears off. Lay on top of the pork. Gently wrap the bacon around the pork chop and asparagus. Place in a skillet on medium heat. Cover. Turn once the bacon starts to crisp on one side. Allos w the other side to get equally as crispy. Remove and eat. That simple!

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