Shoulder Stands: Why to Start doing them TODAY

bff2cb5667efeec98c6938a29f962706Happy Sunday Bliss Seekers!

So today is a bit of a bonus blog to start/end (however you look at it) the week. Thursday I did a lovely little bit on why to work on your sleep habits.Yesterday I had a pretty rad conversation with one of my market friends about sleep, sleep routines, and patterns.

I mentioned to her that I read a piece by Gabby Bernstein about doing shoulder stands. A 15 minute shoulder stand could correlate to 2 hours of sleep? Pretty freaking cool right? Now I wouldn’t use it in place of actually sleep every night, but if you skimp a few hours one night, what is 15 minutes on your shoulders?

While searching for a pic of shoulder stands (props to for this pic on doing it correctly), I found some other benefits associated with shoulder stands:

  • It is a complete movements, that’s right, your whole body can feel the benefits
  • balances hormones
  • Heart health. While you’re up it takes some of the strain off the heart. Helping with the blood flow in that region. They say as a result, those with asthma and bronchitis may experience some relief.
  • Relieves and feels good on your nerves. Chill out pose
  • 5th chakra work (creativity and such). A few weeks ago we talked meditation and chakras, doing some shoulder stands can help open up that 5th chakra
  • Better complexion, help out with wrinkles because of the increased blood flow to the face
  • SLEEP!

There you go, get out and do some yoga today! I intend to head outside for some yoga in the park 🙂

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