Be the Happiest Person You Know: my tips and tricks to being happy

IMG_1616 (1)I enjoy researching. I feel I will forever be a seeker of knowledge. Infinitely curios. I do think most of my favorites posts and advice, however, come from my own life experiences. Who knows my life and thoughts better than me? As Thoreau says:

So I can research and read about happiness, or I can share my own trials and tribulations. Whish seems more relatable? More vulnerable? More personal? I am a fan of raw real talks, pumped full and pulsating with honesty.

For instance I am NOT happy all the time. My usual state of being is content. I typically feel happy. However, I am a beautifully flawed, imperfect being trying to make it through life’s challenges and struggles and still keep a smile on my face. I am a constantly growing and evolving person. Sometimes I have my shit together. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I am sad. Occasionally I get angry. Sometimes I go weeks without hiking. Sometimes I miss my kettlebell workouts. Sometimes I don’t want to bake or be in the kitchen. Sometimes I want to sleep in. Sometimes I want to be by myself. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing. Sometimes I feel like hiding. Sometimes I have NO clue what in the hell I am doing. Sometimes I doubt myself. Sometimes I question my dreams. Occasionally I feel sorry for myself. Sometimes I want to give up. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I feel lazy. Sometimes I feel like eating ice cream. Sometimes I judge. Sometimes I don’t love myself as much as I should. Sometimes I don’t let go and I try to control things. Often I cuss. Sometimes I don’t meditate. Sometimes I am not impeccable.

I feel it ALL. But despite it all, most of the time I am happy, at least 98% of the time I would say. Pretty good percentage I think. And as Gabby Bernstein said, she judges success by how much fun she is having.

So when I am feeling the blues (like last week I was a little down. A little sad. Unsure. Crying. Hiding out by myself), how do I get back to my happy place when I feel this way? How do I get back in line with my bliss?

  • Everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story. ~Patrick Rothfuss, Write a love letter to your life. Last week I was feeling a little down. A little sad. I decided to stop it. I sat down with my journal and wrote a love letter to my life. It instantly got me back to a place of gratitude. I have SO much to be thankful for. What a blessed little life I have. Get it out Write it out. See it for yourself. Dear Life, I love you. You have a beautiful little apartment. A comfortable bed to lay your head down. Shelter. You are healthy. You can walk and bike for days. Good local food in your fridge. You can climb mountains. You have AMAZING friends and family. You are loved. You have a boyfriend who adores and spoils you. A job you enjoy, with creative freedom. You have your own business. Your own dreams. You are living your bliss. Etc. etc…….keep going. Write it down. Look at how good you have it. All the things you like about your life. Write a declaration of love to yourself. And after that if you’re really up for a challenge, take it to the mirror. Tell yourself.
  • IMG_1823 (1)Meditate and Surrender. The moment I sit down in my sacred meditation area, I feel a sense of peace wash over me. I get out of my material world. I separate from my worldly problems. I get back to my core. To my infinite soul. I breathe. All is good in my world. In my life. Filled back up with soul, I feel light and radiant. I am glowing.
  • Get outside. I am a BIG time supporter of hiking. Get in the woods. Stand under a canopy of trees. Let them filter out the bullshit. Let the sun shine on your face. Have the wind gently caress your skin and the breeze play with your hair. Let the birds rustling leaves be your background music. Let your feet beat out a new trail. Feel a well-worn path under your feet. Throw your head back and take it all in. Feel the connection. Be in awe of Nature’s majestic beauty. Let your problems diminish in its magnitude.
  • Surround yourself with peace and inspiration. Whether it’s your personal space and where you live or the people you follow on Instagram or inspiration boards on you Pinterest or watching a Jason Silva video, fined something that re-motivates you. Look up. Look around. Play some heart-pumping music. Reread a mantra. Seek and find some peaceful vibes.
  • Go to your tribe. Connect to people who bring you up, not those you feed your negative thoughts and let you have a bender. People who are real, honest and tell you what you ACTUALLY NEED to hear, rather than what you want to hear. My mother for instance frequently puts me in my place. I shake my head and thank her for telling me the truth, no matter the initial sting to my ego. It is what I need to hear, to be better.
  • Follow you bliss. I am a Joseph Campbell fan. Discover YOURSELF. EXPLORE. What are you passionate about? What feels good? What gets you excited? What are your gifts? You strong suits? Do those things…….MORE. I love to hike. To be in the kitchen. I love my family and friends. When I make time for these things, I am happiest. Make time for things that bring you joy. I think about my Dad telling me to take care of #1 (me) because I am no good to anyone else unless I am my best. Unless I keep my energy up. If I am happy. And I think of my cousin Jacki’s post lately about scheduling time for herself. Do it. Schedule dates with yourself. An afternoon snuggled in a hammock. A rainy day in to read a juicy, good book. A date with a trail. Make time.
  • Spend time with children. When I spend time with my nephews I am happy. Their pure innocence and joy, spreads to me. Just let them be and focus on that innocence. Those smiles. The laughter. The shear giddiness in watching bubbles. Grasping with tiny hands to try and capture them. Magic. Find magic moments.
  • Start over. One morning I woke, super happy and ready to go. It soon died as I walked in to do something with my father. I took things personally. I let myself get irritated. And then I had a reawakening moment. I am not going to be down today. I am going to be happy. I jogged back upstairs. Gave him a hug and said I was ready to start the day again. Good morning. I love you. Have a good day. Don’t let your ego or thoughts get in your away. Be aware. Be aware of how you’re acting and catch yourself. Getting caught up in a fight? Do you want to be angry? Is what you’re fighting about, going to be significant in a 5 years? In six months? In a week? Let it go. Defuse. Hug. Start over. You don’t have to continue to be angry or sad or jealous. In any moment you can change your mood. Change your thoughts. Rewrite your story. Restart your day.
  • Do your BEST. Be impeccable. To me these go hand in hand. When I’m doing what I say. When I am eating good. Getting my hikes in. When I meditate. When I dance. When I schedule more time with me. When I am kind and accepting of other Then, then I am happy.
  • BE HAPPY. I think one of the biggest things I have come to realize the last few years is that I don’t need a reason to be happy, I can merely choose to be happy. So often we think happiness comes with something. With buying something. It’s in a new phone. In a new outfit. A new house. A new job. A new relationship. In a goal achieved. It’s in ten pounds from now. I will be happy when……… What are we waiting on? All that is guaranteed is this current moment? What’s wrong with this moment? What more do I truly need in this moment? What is stopping me from being happy right now? Happiness is a state of being. CHOOSE IT.

These are just a few of things I have found that work for me. What about you? Explore. Discover. Dig deep. Get to know yourself. And allow yourself to be happy. Life is to short and precious to waste time any other way, but basking in magic and joy.

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