Hit a Hammock: the Benefits to Hanging Out

Once upon a time I slept and lived in a shed. For a moment, I also slept in a hammock for months.

Fast forward to June. My rad, amazing mother brought me a portable hammock. I traveled with it in my pack for MONTHS. It’s going to rain. I’s too hot. There are bugs. For months I found some bullshit excuse not to hang it up.

Finally last week I was determined. Dead set on hanging out for the day. I had a journal. I had a book. I was ready to rock and roll.

Now I will out myself and say I had a twinge of that fear of thinking of what others were thinking about me. I silenced it quickly and hung it up anyways. And I will rat myself out again, saying I was hesitant to climb in. I was initially waiting for the fall. Waiting to look like a jack ass, as I so gracefully rolled right back out. Thankfully that moment never came. It held up. I relaxed. I really let go. I really started to enjoy myself. I wrote the piece I posted the other day on Happiness. I read some of my book. I felt calm. Content. I listened to the rustling leaves. Beheld the water before me. Took note of the first hint of change among the leaves. Signs of the changes going on in my head and mind and life. I felt really comfortable.

11934990_10101065926766483_2083725934760726606_nThere is something to this hammock, hanging out life I thought. Why am I not doing this more often? A flashback memory to hammock tents I’ve seen. Hmm…..I got to get me one of those.

So I looked it up. Obviously there is the initial benefits I felt: peace, relaxation, comfort. But there is more to hammock life. Little did I know what I was doing five years ago when I rigged one up in my shed. Here are some of the benefits to hammocks and why maybe you should ditch the tent for a hammock that I found:

1. Faster sleep.
2. Zero-Pressure Points.
3. Deeper Sleep.
4. No More Bed Making.
5. Hammocks Are Good for Your Health.
6. Comfort.
7. Making Love in a Hammock.

No more rocks in your back or setting up elaborate set-ups or gong outside your tent to gaze at the stars. Plus really, really good sleep.

Check it out. Maybe invest. Hammock life, I’m telling you, is sweet!

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