Roasted Tomato Soup


I used to be a REALLY picky eater. I think it mostly came from my mother being a picky eater. In my child emulation, I closed my mind off to a wide assortment of foods: peppers, mushrooms, onions, and so much more. I have come a LONG way from there. I can eat pretty much anything or I am at least willing to try just about anything. However, tomatoes trip me up. But it is only raw tomatoes. I can eat tomatoes in sauces or basically any other form except for raw. There is something about the texture, I am not sure, but I have tried. I want to like them, but I just can not.

With that being said, I love looking at the tomatoes. Two weeks ago, I my head was rocking side-to-side looking from the Hale tomatoes to the Appleseed tomatoes. Eventually they ended up in my basket full of market finds.

For some reason I HAD to make tomato soup. Plus I had all this broth I made (more to come on this later in the week). So I found myself cutting up my ombre assortment of tomatoes on Sunday and roasting them with my squashes, so here you have my yummy soup. 


Roasted Tomato Soup

  • 5 tomatoes (mine obviously from the picture were in an assortment of colors)
  • 2 jalapenos
  • 1 mason jar of broth
  • Sea salt to taste
  • 8 oz. chorizo
  • Basil
  • 1 clove garlic

Let’s Make it Happen: Cut tomatoes. Cut peppers, Chop garlic. Roast in the oven at 350. Remove. Process. Strain. Put in a pot with broth. Season with salt and basil to taste. Add chorizo. Cook until the meat is completely cooked. Eat and enjoy! It’s that easy.

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