Gluten-Free Pretzel Buns


I have been working on HARD to bring you this recipe.

I work at this local joint called Fifi’s Lunchbox. I absolutely adore it. I am the baker (yep the one and only) and catering assistant. I get to bake fresh baked goods to fill a beautiful case. I also make all of the pretzel buns we use on our burgers, fresh everyday. As a creative soul, this job is kind of a dream. Add that I also have amazing bosses, who give me quite a bit of creative freedom. Plus I get to art and paint on the windows too.  Do I need to explain my adoration anymore?

So I feel like that last paragraph should have got some wheels turning as to today’s post. I make hundreds of pretzel buns a week. Naturally I wanted a gluten-free adaption.

My first trial bred the picture above. It was actually pretty freaking delicious and I was so stunned and pumped that it actually tasted like a pretzel. I can’t tell you the last time I had a pretzel (maybe high school if not longer). However, I used all tapioca flour. That made my baking soda bath a fragile moment. I wasn’t sure if they were going to make it out alive. They were slightly flat. And the tapioca made for a slightly stretchy bun. For although I loved them and didn’t mind this texture, I knew I needed to make some adjustments.

And so here is round number 2. Much better consistency. Don’t they look legit? Plus I even got fancy and sprinkled a little salt on the top.

With this basic bun you can fill with your wildest burger fantasies.

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YOUR Tribe

5c9f3778198d5328fd9cb4005b370b95I think I started getting into the notion of tribes a view years ago after I read some Mastin Kipp posts. Since then the word has seemed to infiltrate my life. Yesterday it popped up on my timeline in a hashtag #igolutribe (freaking cool!). And with my birthday Tuesday and Thanksgiving today, I’ve really got it flowing in my brain waves.

Call it a tribe. A clan. Your peeps. Your posse. Your family. Your friends. Your squad. Your people. Whatever, the adjective, they are the people who surround you.

Take a moment.


11988396_10206576010576889_3835817942495295753_nWho are those people for you? Who do you spend the most time with? Are they positive? Do they build you up? Do they light you up?  Are they energy vampires? Do they suck you into drama and bullshit? Do you thrive with them? Do they encourage you in your dreams? Can you be vulnerable in front of them? Can you cry in front of them? Is there space to be honest, real and completely raw at times? Can you be yourself, 100% completely embracing the weird and genius you?
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Cranberry Pumpkin Fritters


“We can lift ourselves, and others as well, when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our hearts an attitude of gratitude.” -Thomas S. Monson

Happy Happy Tuesday all!! This quote truly gets me and is right on about what’s up in my head and heart.

This is part number two of my Sunday experiment’s. I had initially intended for these to look more like balls or donut holes, but fate (and the face that I used a skillet rather than a pot of oil) decided that they would be more pancake like. And I agree with fate, these were super freaking tasty with some caramel sauce.

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Maple Bacon Pancake Muffins


“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” Denis Waitley

I think this week I shall start every day with a quote about gratitude. I can’t repeat enough how gratitude pulls me out of any low I am feeling. It is a practice. Daily I practice gratitude. Moment-to-moment I practice. First thing in the morning I give thanks. Thanks for a new day. For waking and raising. For love and connections. For today, now. For health. For my job and passion. For joy and happiness and joy. For my family. For my friends. For my bosses and co-workers. For any stellar human-being I meet today. For baking. For breathing. For all the opportunities and potential that today has. For all the potential I have. For shelter and my adorable, cozy apartment. For food and fuel and nourishment. For my past and the lessons I’ve been taught. For my today and now, that I can become even better. And so on the list goes.

Sunday’s are my day off. Sunday’s are my personal bake days and experimentation’s. This past Sunday I got to work. I cranked up my John Mellencamp (I am a Hoosier girl). Started dancing and let the creativity flow. These beauties were first on my agenda. I work at a local restaurant known for bacon. We have huge Indiana pork bellies come in and we smoke and make our own bacon. I make quote a few desserts with bacon. Basically it is a dream job. These are so good! I may have received messages after I posted this asking for any leftovers. However, I have a few very trusted taste-testers and friends who are guaranteed any extras.

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The Importance of Showing Up


 : Here’s the honest truth….sometimes the most difficult and most important thing that you will ever have to do is to just show up.

When my alarm went off at 4:45 this morning and then again at 5, my brain buzzed with reasons to stay in my comfy bed. 1. It’s comfy 2. It’s warm 3. SLEEP! I want to sleep longer 4. It’s raining 5. I’m sore, I don’t want to go to yoga. 6. It’s 5 am! 7. My bed, my bed is so freaky comfy. I think you see where I am going. The list is ongoing. I do this same song and dance with other areas of my life. Laundry. Kettlebells. Reading. Writing. My own work. Why haven’t I written a cookbook yet? Hikes. Plans with friends. The market. Sometimes getting myself there  is the biggest battle. Because after yoga, after kettlebells, once my apartment is clean, once I’ve spent time with my friends, I FEEL/AM better.

I am a hider. Growing up I was super shy. I was terrified. I was a perfectionist. I was a people pleaser. I tried. I tried so hard. And I was completely boring/bored. I wasn’t living authentically. I wasn’t living creatively. I was not making any real connections because I was trying to make people like me, even though I was terrified to talk to them.

And then I entered my 20’s and something changed. I began reading a lot. I started following more inspirational leaders. I got to know myself. Because how can you live authentically if you don’t even know who the fuck you are? I found out (really I rediscovered and unearthed) what I was really passionate about. What gets me excited? What brings me bliss? What makes me feel most alive? I am so passionate about baking, writing, hiking, and people.  Continue reading “The Importance of Showing Up”

Brittany’s Gluten-Free Bagels


Do you ever have places that just seem to call your name? Sometimes it’s a quiet faint whisper. A gentle, little nudge. Sometimes it seems to yell your name from the rooftops.

I don’t know if you ever experience this, but for me the answer is a definitive YES. Some of my favorite trips: Yosemite, Vancouver. They were places I was drawn. An internal knowing that I needed these trips for some reason. Currently Oregon is on my list. I know that I have to take a trip there. It yells my name, “Brittany why haven’t you come here yet?!?!” Good freaking question. The foodie, hippie, weirdness has captivated me.

Closer to home, Bloomington draws me in. There is an inherent since of belonging when I go there. It tells me to venture there. Come eat. Come to the market. Move my market booth there? Why not try? Come explore. Walk around downtown. Walk around campus. This initial pic is one from a trip I took last weekend when my friend, Heather and I ventured there.

For Indiana I would consider it a progressive town. It is beautiful and inviting. Plus it holds inspiration for a foodie like me. Heather is an IU grad so she showed me around the local haunts. An inside look at good food and places to go. On our way back to the car we stopped at Bloomington Bagels. Locally made and boiled, is what the sign said. Local is a key word for me, that makes me stop in my tracks. Plus this is my second experience with bagels. When I went to Colorado this summer for my cousin, Jacki, the local coffee shop served gluten-free bagel sandwiches. I had intended to work on gluten-free bagels then. However, creativity for me is usually a spark. If I don’t strike right away, it will diminish. So Bloomington reignited that spark and yesterday I took action.  Continue reading “Brittany’s Gluten-Free Bagels”

Bacon Breadstick Focaccia

IMG_20151104_135636Sometimes recipes or dishes just pop in my head. Yesterday I was walking towards Java Haute ready to dig into some IGOLU lessons, still high from the excitement of the new bake case at work. Then my mind drifts to the almond meal in my freezer. The slew of bacon waiting just below it in my fridge. Hmm….. What if I made breadsticks? What if I stuffed them. I hit up Pinterst for some refined inspiration. Focaccia! It is like I was destined to make and share this with you today. Earlier this week our chef at work, Zac was asking if I’d ever made focaccia. My response: No, I no what you’re talking about, but I’ve never went there.

Well yesterday I went there and here is my lovely, freaking delicious results. I hope you enjoy them too!


  • 1 cup warm water
  • 3 tbsp coconut sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 5 cups almond flour
  • 1 cup flaxmeal
  • 2 1/2 tsp yeast

The Rest:

  • 10 slices of bacon, cooked
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 slice cooked bacon, finely chopped
  • Oregano

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The Power of Just Learning to Breathe

12027636_10101091322837553_8221310116489725275_nEpictetus, “Man is troubled not by events themselves, but by the views he takes of them.”

I wanted to post this back when I did a yoga post, but I guess, TODAY is the perfect day for this post.

Stress is a killer. I truly believe this. And we live in a society of stress. It’s almost like we thrive in pushing ourselves beyond limits and racking up tension in our own lives. Let’s pack our schedules. Forget about ourselves. Our bodies. Let’s run around. Do you schedule time for peace? Do you schedule time for yourself? Emotional stress. Physical stress. It is all taking a toll on our bodies. And the worst thing is that the pain is self-inflicted. And it creates chronic inflammation, which manifests into diseases. We are killing ourselves and making ourselves sick over all the stress we introduce and allow into our lives. When are we going to get it? I remember a rad conversation I had at the market with one of my favorite customers Tanya. Stress is detrimental to our, your, my health.

So let’s chills. Implement things into your life that calm you down and take the edge off. Have a fall back. I do have to say I have a pretty chill, laid-back disposition. This has taken time and practice. And having some pocket go-to’s when I’m feeling stressed or worried.

I’ve wrote about yoga. I’ve written about meditation. I’ve written about walking and hiking (this is my favorite go-to, to return to a place of peace and serenity). <<<<—– Feel free to click any of the blue links to check out my thoughts on these. But sometimes it is as easy as breathing. My cousin Jacki suggested the book Three Deep Breaths at the top of this page. Check it out, it is a nice little book. But first just think about it. Breathing is a key element of practices like yoga and meditation. You allows go back and are aware of the breath. Each inhale. Each exhale. Think of Thich Nhat Hanh:  Continue reading “The Power of Just Learning to Breathe”

Camping Cinnamon Cookies

12191675_10101117070079873_3338858583507352346_nLet’s talk about gratitude. It is November, talk of thankfulness is swirling around, so let us just dive in. Gratitude is near and dear to my heart. I talk about it frequently and I mean it when I say that gratitude has saved. Living from a perspective of thanks, keeps me going. Keeps me positive.

Three years ago I feel is when I hit my rock bottom. You know we all go through this at some point in our life. The fall before the rise (if we choose). My parents business was failing. My dreams and the future I had created in my head was crumbling. It felt as if the bottom of my life had fallen out. You make decisions not in the right frame of mind. You feel as if breathing is hard sometimes. Struggle seems constant. And you grasp. Grasp for positivity and hope. Grabbing at something to hoist yourself up. Where waves crash over you repeatedly and you have to keep resurfacing. I was reeling, lost. Who am I? Who am I without these dreams? How do I create new ones? How do I rebuild? So how do you resurface? How do you continue the climb when your lungs burn, there’s a stitch in your side and your legs beg you stop?  Continue reading “Camping Cinnamon Cookies”