The New + Kettlebell Arm Bar

“It’s only the new that awakens the mind. That fully engages us with the world. We become anthropologist in a new environment. We transcend the banality and boredom and triviality of the everyday. But when we are engorged by a new experience, we become alive. We feel as children. We gawk. We are enraptured. When we say we want to be happy, what you mean is. I want to continue To explore. To learn. to discover novel lands. We can never stop learning. We can never stop seeking. Happiness lives in the space of novelties.” ~Jason Silva

I am a big fan of Jason Silva and I watched this video on repeat. He is so right on it!

Last week upon scrolling through my Instagram feed, I stopped on a video of a kettlebell move I had never seen! This is rare. I have studied kettlebells for over a decade now. But here it was. And then a day later, I had a friend post a video of the same move, the very day I had intended to try it. Clearly all signs were pointing towards me adding this. The move is a kettlebell arm bar. After watching and rewatching the video multiple times, my mom and I were ready to give it a go. The whole experience. The discovery. The learning. The practice and first attempts. The newness. It literally made me giddy (it doesn’t take much). And then I remembered this Jason Silva video. It is right on.

Think of the last time you did something for the first time. When did you switch up your routine? When did you change your look? When was the last time you decided to learn something new? Try a new skill? Start a new program? When was the last time you had an adventure? When did you forge a new and exciting friendship? When did you take a new route to work? New can be small. All I did was add a new kettlebell move and look what it did for me.

And so I think it is exciting to start something new. To learn something new. To embark on a new journey. I got a call today for a new venture I have been dwelling on. The potential of it alone, has me buzzing with energy. Literally, I feel electric and I have to keep breathing to try and calm it down.

Do something new. Keep seeking.

Here is my new move!

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