Soul Goal: Laugh More


“Thinking of goals with soul. What I really want in my life is more joy. More happiness. More laughter and fun. Today I have laughed several times, like really laughed. I want more of that laughter, where it consumes you. Infectious laughter. Laughter that feels like it will never end, and you dont want it to. Laughter that doubles you over. That brings you to your knees. That brings you to tears. Like an adult pause. You are not so serious. You don’t have to be in control. You don’t have to worry in this time lapse. You’re almost suspended in time, back to the effortless joy of childhood. Things I want more of in life. More laughter. More time with my family, especially my nephews. With my friends. More time letting go.” Me, Brittany Paulin on Facebook on January 7th, 2016

Laughing feels damn good. And I am not talking about obligated laughter. I am talking about the laughter I described in this Facebook post. All consuming laughter, that brings you to the present moment. Laughter that suspends time. Laughter that pushes back fear and worry and stress. Laughter that touches your soul. That lights you up. Have you ever laughed like this? When was the last time? I live for this. For these moments in life. Because besides feeling good, I feel completely alive. I feel electric. These are things I strive for in life. More moments of presence. More joy. More happiness. Feeling alive. Living.

Besides the obvious feeling good, laughter has some major benefits. But is that really a surprise? Shouldn’t it seem obvious without me and research pointing it out that we need more of this in our lives. Less stress (self-inflicted) and more fun? Gabbby Bernstein has a page in one of my books that says to base success on how much fun you are having. Pause. Ponder this. And then ponder these reasons to laugh more:

  • stress less
  • mood boost (duh)
  • more creative
  • take ourselves less seriously (YES!), I especially love to laugh at myself, I feel it allows others to feel comfortable around me and put them at ease
  • exercise for your face
  • relieve fear and anxiety
  • also laughing with others is great for bonding. A non-judgement free time lapse, bringing us together

Lastly let us close this out with a great quote:

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Rhonda Lee, M.A.Ed., says, “Laughter brings us fully to the present moment, which is the same goal as meditation. In fact, if you are fully engaged in laughter, it is impossible for you to really focus on anything other than the laughter. It is during this pause that we are able to redirect out thoughts without trying, and a radical shift in perspective can occur. Also, laughter produces endorphins and boosts our serotonin levels as well. This means that our body has a chemical reaction that causes us to shift our perspective. And then there’s cortisol, the hormone produced by stress. Laughter actually causes this stuff to lower as well. You can’t not shift your perspective on events when this happens. It’s like magic!”



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