One Skillet Meals

I pretty much suck at posting in the winter, probably because I don’t eat baked goods myself. Plus I am not in my kitchen getting ready for another market. And I eat real simple on my own. Plus it is starting to be nice and beautiful and I have been outside ENJOYING myself and the nice weather.  So I promise I will have a lot more to post this summer.

This post today is my real life. How I cook. How I eat. I am a one skillet meal kind of girl. Check out whatever vegetables I have in my fridge (or what pops out when I am strolling through the grocery store). Chop and dice them up. Toss them in some type of oil/fat (usually butter or coconut oil or ghee or bacon fat). Pick a protein. Season it simply. Let it cook and saute. Call it a day. That is how I eat at home.

20160321_122515So I go to work. Bake all day in a kitchen. And then I’m out in the sunshine. On my bike. Pedaling all over town, on our local Heritage Trail. Stop at a park, hike for a bit. Maybe run down some hills at top speed. Maybe set up my hammock if I was awesome enough to pack it. Chill. Stop. Breathe. Take in all that beauty. Be grateful. Repeat. Hike. Bike. If it’s dark, put my spoke lights on my bike and keep going. Stop to lay on the ground. Check out the stars. Maybe see one shooting. Check out the moon. Watch the clouds play peek-a-boo with it. Take it all in. Chill. Breathe. Take in all the beauty. Be grateful. Feel alive. Throw stuff in a skillet. Eat. Nourish. Done. That is pretty much how my life has been lately. If the sun is out, I don’t want to be sitting around my apartment. My t.v. has been pretty much abandoned. I may read before bed and that is it. Continue reading “One Skillet Meals”

Bacon Sweet Potato Fries


This past weekend I went camping. One of our prepared meals was sausage with sweet potatoes. Waiting for sweet potatoes to bake on an open flame takes a bit of time. Cue in discussions on our favorite ways to eat sweet potatoes. It is very Talladega Nights, well I picture Jesus type conversations. I like my sweet potatoes as fries. Wrapped in bacon.

Now also keep in mind that I tend to be an action type of girl. I don’t want to just talk about camping or living my life or eating sweet potatoes. I want to book a campsite. Hike on trails. Make and eat the damn sweet potatoes kind of girl.

So I got home Tuesday and made possibly the best sweet potatoes fries I have ever made in my life (and I have made some amazing ones). For me it is in the balancing of flavors. Slightly sweet. Slightly salty. A tiny hint of heat. Flavor. I want flavor when I take a bite. And these definitely delivered.

Bacon Sweet Potato Fries Continue reading “Bacon Sweet Potato Fries”