Simple Sausage and Spaghetti Squash


So I have this pretty awesome boyfriend. Later this week I will delve into my eating in front of people, food weirdness. But we like to eat together and fix meals. That is out of my box and comfort zone. When I brought him to Easter at my grandma Paulin’s she was most taken about by the fact that I eat in front of him. Every pay Tuesday we go grocery shopping. And we frequently take turns cooking, which is always a delicious meal, seeing as we both work in a kitchen (the same one actually). We also do a pretty good stepping up for the other whenever we the other is working hard. He’ll bring me salad while I paint windows. Or fix lunch when I work later. Or I’ll make a quick lunch for him to eat in between doubles. Or bake a cake, just because it’s what I do.

Or like one time I worked late and he had dinner ready for me when I came over after a meeting. This beautiful little dish above. He is Italian. I eat gluten-free. See the discrepancy? He is really good at compromising, though, and making sure we get foods I’ll eat. Including this spaghetti squash. It was so delicious and perfect to refuel after a long day! Plus I think the thought, gratitude and overall feeling of being so blessed and taken care of, made it taste exponentially better.

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