Kraut and Brats

20160607_214107Last week I wrote a little bit about eating and shopping local. Farmer’s Market in the summers are my spot. It is a little early in the harvesting season, but gradual the produce and foods grows each week. I get excited to watch the towers of veggies grow higher and for the variation of colorful finds to increase.

I have some all-the-time favorites. I have been to the Royer’s Farm in Vermillion county, Indiana. Last year for some reason I chose some jalapeno brats. Ever since I find myself getting them nearly every weekend. Sure sometimes I’ve switched and tried some chorizo or I’ve dabbled with some mushroom garlic, but I always go back to the jalapeno.

I used to just eat them with eggs for breakfast, they were my favorite spicy thing. My boyfriend, Zach, however has me branching out. One of his favorite things is sauerkraut. I can dig some kraut. When I started doing a lot of research on immunity and flora, I learned that fermented foods are really good for you and the good flora in your system. I don’t want to be sick, I’ll take some good flora! I started drinking kombucha and searching for kefir. I even made my own kraut. My dear friends Kate and Jason at the market make their own, however. When we visited their farm and put in a day’s hard work, Jason sent us home with some tangy garlic kraut. We had it with the jalapeno brats. The rest is history and we eat it at least every other week. Zach said it is his FAVORITE kraut he has ever heard. And here it is, simple yet full of taste. If you live in Terre Haute try this. If not head to your own market and see if you can find some great kraut and brats Continue reading “Kraut and Brats”

Local Broccoli and Cheese Bowl

13413144_10101323305113213_5612479839080725930_nI am a BIG fan of shopping local. I sell locally. And I also promote my other vending friends. These people here. Even before I started selling at our local farmer’s market, I shopped there. I’ve been to several farms. I buy as many groceries as I can on Saturday’s from them. I talk to these people. We have rad conversations. We laugh. We joke. We relate. They are my friends. The faces and real life people behind my food. They pour love into their baking and creations. They lovingly tend their gardens and pick the veggies and fruit I eat with their own hands. That means something to me. When I look at this haul from yesterday’s market this is what goes through my mind. It’s what flows through my mind when I am at my own booth.


So this week, I wanted to post some things I’ve eaten recently, made with local ingredients. Saturday nap after the market, finalizing some travel shopping, a great much needed nap, and some wonderful fellowship with friends, my boyfriend and I returned home hungry and ready to dig into some of our finds. We opted for broccoli as our star. Here is the deliciousness that resulted from this:  Continue reading “Local Broccoli and Cheese Bowl”

Sweet Potato Taco Bowls


So I have been majorly slacking on posting and writing!I do have a back-up of recipes waiting to come your way, however. Like this gem. Man this is one of the best things I have made recently.  I have a thing for sweet potatoes (and bacon). I think if I planted sweet potatoes and raised pigs I would be set. I am learning however, that I am not the only one in love with sweet potatoes. Our summer farmer’s market has started up again and I have the opportunity to talk to some rad human beings. Chatting with my friend Kelly, we both bonded on the sweet potato lust. So as I was playing in the kitchen with the idea of a sweet potato pizza crust, I also remembered the taco bowls pans I have. While I had extra sweet potato puree, why not give it a try? I was really happy with them, when I packed them up for dinner Friday night.

You know what else I love? Working for my meal, so it can truly refuel me! On this particular Friday, I finished my market baking early. When my boyfriend, Zach, suggested we go to the new bike park in town, I was totally down. I am a firm believer in signs. I had heard at least five times about this Griffin Bike Park in just a week’s time. When my aunt mentioned on Thursday that they were indeed open, I immediately text Zach that we needed to go. So when that space became open on Friday, it was perfect timing (we are big believers in timing). They are still building it. But some of the trails were indeed done and ready for us to ride! It was cool and overcast, we beat the night rain, and we had the park to ourselves. If you live in Terre Haute or the area, I highly suggest giving it a try. I am usually a hiker, but trading walking trails for biking trails was indeed fun. And it pushed my comfort zones. After crashing my bike when I was little, most of my life I have had a slight phobia with them (hence the irony of me riding everywhere now). But I let go and went for it. And it was a lot of fun!! Granted sometimes we found ourselves in front of a ramp. Like this one:

Continue reading “Sweet Potato Taco Bowls”