Bacon and Banana No-Bake Cookies

13615100_525441460999816_598113280085318824_nSometimes life is just so full. You know what I mean? I have all these beautiful posts inside me. I have a slew of recipes I’ve already made and even more that I have ready to make. However, my life and schedule is packed! Living is important though. I always go back to Thoreau:

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”

But I do have lots waiting inside of me, to share with you all. I still have to share with you about my trips. Not only food, but lessons I’ve learned, photos, experiences, etc.

I am going out of order, though, because I am freaking pumped about these bacon banana no-bake cookies I made!!

Last week Zach and I were sitting at the farmer’s market on Saturday, like we do every week. I don’t remember what we were initially talking about, but all of a sudden Zach said I should make banana no-bakes. Of course my initial reaction is, “duh of course I should, why don’t we add bacon?”

Monday I had to get bananas for work, so I also grabbed extra for me to take home. I had to make them right away!

I will confess, that he said they were good. However, when you say something is a no-bake, oatmeal is expected. However, I am a gluten-free baker, and hater all my life of oatmeal. Once you get pas the label, and just think of it as a cookie with bacon AND banana, you can truly appreciate how freaking awesome these were!

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Camping Fajita Skillets

20160702_182457On our road trip we cooked and ate pretty much every night together. We had a nice little stove that requires propane. We’d crank it up. Put on whatever we had prepped (we cut most of our proteins and veggies before we left and put them in labeled Ziploc baggies: we are efficient). Sat down in chairs around our camp area. Prayed. And ate, all while we took in the amazing views around us.

When we pulled into Yellowstone it was a little later in the day and we had, had a full day of travel. Going across Wyoming. Through a set of mountains. Up for a scenic drive through the Bear Tooth Mountains, to arrive at Yellowstone’s Northeast entrance. Here we went straight into the Lamar Valley area. It is none for it’s wildlife. Pretty much right away we spotted two buffalo. We had to stop. Zach was most excited to see all the wildlife on our trip. Of course he wanted to venture closer, but Yellowstone (and other future parks) were pressing about telling us that buffalo were dangerous and to allow more distance for them and bears, compared to other wildlife (also not to take selfies). Finally I reassured him that we would see more. Sure enough, further on down the road, we ran into valleys of hundreds and hundreds of buffalo. We even had to stop and wait for them! Feel free to watch this video that Zach took. Continue reading “Camping Fajita Skillets”

Buffalo Chicken Dip

20160615_182639 (1)

Besides bananas, Zach (recap, my fiancé), is also a big fan of buffalo. He likes buffalo chicken on his salad for instance. One day I remembered a buffalo chicken dip recipe my mother used to make. I was set on making it for him after he was done with a long day at work. He loved and crushed it.

Fast forward to our trip. We typically eat at home together (hello I’m a baker and he is a chef). So when we hit the road we not only wanted to save costs on eating out, but we wanted to prepare our own meals and snacks. Yesterday I posted the fantastic granola bars I made. Well I also wanted something savory for us to mow on in the car. Buffalo dip was a must. We had a cooler. He had his with chips. I ate mine with celery (this picture is it in a gluten-free tortilla bowl I made). It was a nice snack on the road and when we didn’t feel like cooking, it made for a nice little nap. It is not dairy-free. But it tastes great. We were on vacation and practicing  moderation. It was delicious.

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Banana Split Granola Bars

I have been on the most amazing trip (more to come) and super duper busy since I got home last week. Short recap: I went on a National Park road trip. I got engaged. I’ve been working. Moving. Planning a wedding and a reception. Working on my own business. Wrapping my brain around getting married. Preparing to change my last name. And trying really hard to get in a flow, and also to slow down enough to get time for some rest and to write some post because I have a stock-pile of recipes and thoughts.

Because our trip was a lot of car travel and hiking, I was stoked before we left to play around with granola bar recipes. My last market before we embarked I took the first batch to my market booth. They were a hit!! My mom was hooked and telling everyone. She sold them all for me at the next market. And the most recent one (my first one post trip), I sold a double batch in the first two hours.

They are GOOD. With that being said I was even happier with the ones I made for Zach (my fiancé) and I’s trip. He LOVES bananas. This week actually I just made him a banana cream pie. The idea popped into my head to make banana split granola bars. I was so pumped to make them. The coolest thing is when I conceptualize something and they turn out even BETTER than I thought they were going to. Totally what happened. We packed them up and had them on the go or sometimes as a little post dinner ‘dessert’ when we had spent over 10 miles hiking.

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