Goal Clarity

img_20160818_124707I am in the process of refining and redesigning my brand and the direction I want to head in the future. This little sketch above is kind of where my thoughts are going, as well as selling and growing. When I trained kettlebells, one of our principles to training was: DO FEWER THINGS BETTER. Sounds easy right? It is easy in life to get overwhelmed and overloaded with dreams and goals and ideas. We can be a little scattered sometimes and all over the place (myself included). Bombarded with options and obligations. That is why I think it is essential to go back to this principle. To narrow it down, dig deep, and get real. What do I really want to do in life? With my life? What brings me the MOST joy? Focus on that. Close the gap between wanting and living it. I have this beautiful Thoreau tattoo on my arm: Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake. Make your life so freaking awesome that it is better than your dreams. So that when living moment to moment, you feel this. You feel alive and invigorated.

I have also found out that pulling away and looking at your life so far, it is amazing how set up I have been for where I am now. Connecting all the dots. The journey wasn’t necessarily graceful or even embraced and it hasn’t been without challenges. But it all lines up.Before I was born my dear mother was craving and digging into Italian food while pregnant with me (possibly why I make so many pizzas?). I distinctly remember a week when I was around 10, when I made a pie EVERY day, just for the mere pleasure of making them. When our kettlebell business was fading, I turned to a bake sale to earn funds for a move to Colorado. While in Colorado, while hiking up Pikes Peak Highway through the changing Aspen trees, I was stopped by my vision for my future. A gut feeling that stopped me in my tracks, and I looked up to those snow-capped mountains and cried with the certainty of it all. I wanted my own business. Something authentically me. I wanted to cook. I loved doing cooking classes when we had our business, and clearly all my life I had a knack for baking. When I came back to Indiana I applied for the farmer’s market and started my gluten-free business (granted they turned me down twice, don’t accept NO’s, just realize that maybe the timing was off). My first job in a kitchen was at a pie company, where I made 100’s of pies. Pies just like pizzas, are my thing. I am an artist. Growing up everyone asked me if I was going to be an artist. Now food is my art and pies are one of my favorite ways to express my creativity. Last week I was pumped to make pies for the boys at the fraternity my husband works for. Racking my brain for flavors. Taking my time to braid the edges. Every ounce of my creativity and energy going in to those pies. I was on a high, yet wiped by the end of it all! So as I pull back, my life has led me to today. To this vision of a gluten-free pie and pizza company.

I recently got a desk for our apartment here in Champaign. I love it. I’ve really started working on putting my vision on the wall in front of me. Sketches of tarts and pies. Pizza toppings. A list of food blogs to do. A list of pages for a cookbook. Pricing and more. My business. Right there in front of me. Refining the vision. Doing fewer things better. Focused on making the BEST pies and pizzas I possibly can.

I have a rad cousin Jacki, who does goal-coaching. She has this amazing practice at the beginning of each month where:

I have a ritual of clearing out the bullshit that might have been my previous month, celebrating all the good stuff (a must) and then I create a space for the new month with three new words and goals to set my sails on a conscious course (inspired by the amazing Nicole Antoinette).  I find it to be an intentional practice that creates a checks & balances type system, hello accountability and personal responsibility.

Amazing right?! I needed to clear the bullshit of my business vision. I think this is a must. As change keeps coming on me (getting married-moving-starting a new job-changing my business-changing my name), I have to take time to assess the situation. Clear out the bullshit, as Jacki says, and get some clarity as too what it is I really want? Then I can move forward with intention for creating and allowing space for that vision to become reality. Because often we live out of obligation. Truth. Today’s post for instance. My markets could leave me scattered. With baking things from bagels to breads to cakes to donuts to cookies to brownie balls to buns to more. I baked everything all over the spectrum because that’s what I thought people wanted. But…….I don’t like to make bread. There I said it. Why was I making things I don’t enjoy? Obligation is the answer. Pies, pies get me excited. I kept adding things and overextending, because I felt I needed to. This wasn’t staying true to me, my joy or making me better. I was just tired from making so much and unsatisfied with things that I didn’t like making to begin with. i enjoy making pies. It is my bliss zone. And that is what I am going to do. Get clear on what you want.

Take-away from today: 

  • Clear out the bullshit from your life. Live more from a place of intention and bliss than obligation.
  • Get clear on what you want in life. Live that life.
  • Refine your vision.
  • Do fewer things better.


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