Cranberry Orange Galette


Last week I baked up and posted two delicious galettes (Check them out: Caramel Apple and Maple Ginger Pear), but this was THE original plan. This is the galette I was jazzed and excited to make. I couldn’t wait to get to it on my list. Cranberry day of baking was kind of my favorite day.

Besides cranberries and oranges are classic holiday combinations. One that I have never tried before. I was eager to say the least to see how it turned out.

Plus, as I mentioned, galettes have been lingering in my mind and I was ready to try them out as well!

I was super duper pleased with the outcome, and really want to try a regular pie with a nice streusel topping!


Cranberry Orange Galette


  • Favorite gluten-free pie crust recipe


  • 3 cups cranberries
  • juice of an orange
  • zest of an orange
  • 1/2 cup slivered almonds
  • 2/3 cup coconut sugar
  • 2 tsp ginger
  • 1 egg, beaten (for egg wash)

Caramel Sauce for Drizzle (click the link for the caramel from the Salted Caramel Apple Pumpkin Pie

How to Make it Happen: 

Make your favorite gluten-free pie recipe. Divide into three balls. Flatten. Roll dough out between two pieces of parchment. Trim dough so it’s in a circle.

Toss together all the filling ingredients. Place into the center of each dough. Gently press up the sides of the dough around the filling. Brush with an egg wash.

Bake for 30 minutes at 400 until the crust is golden. Eat and enjoy!

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