Gluten-Free Maple Pecan Pie


Bonus recipe and pie today!

Mostly because I just made this, and I am riding the satisfaction of it turning out beautifully and better than I envisioned.

I am super geeked about this maple sugar I got at the market Saturday. That’s right, granulated maple sugar, not maple syrup. The taste and flavor is beyond. So this recipe is a mix of maple syrup (replacing nasty corn syrup) and maple sugar.

The crust turned out nice. I made it with lard, so it is undeniably flaky.

Plus I put this cute little lettering on it!

It smelled AMAZING!

There are only positive things to say about this pie right now.

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Salted Caramel Pumpkin Pecan


I lied. I thought the Chocolate Pumpkin Swirl pie was my last pumpkin recipe of the week, but I forgot this little gem.

Pecan pie is one of m favorite pies. It’s hard to decide because cherries are my favorite food and naturally I have an inclination to leans towards as my fav in most situations. But there is something about pecan pie.

In the summer at the market I beg people to buy the pecan tarts (especially the shortbread crust one), because if I have to take any home, I WILL eat them. Sometimes I have to give them away to my mother or ask my husband to sacrifice and eat it so I won’t have to.

This is the best pecan pie I have made, gluten-free or not. It was freaking delicious. I had to cut a sample for a picture (which didn’t turn out, this picture sucks too, but it is freaking good) and ended up sampling. I did have to wrap it up right away though and ask my husband to try it for me for an honest opinion (really it was so I wouldn’t eat the whole mini pie).

The pumpkin on the top and caramel really take it over the top too!

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Chocolate Pumpkin Swirl Pie


My last pumpkin recipe of the week! And they are beautiful!!

Apparently chocolate and pumpkin pair together nicely, it wouldn’t be a pairing I’d think of first. I’ve seen some chocolate pumpkin tarts or triple chocolate pumpkin pies. I finally decided to give it a go.

There is something about a swirl as well. It is super easy and doesn’t have to be perfect, but it works out looking pretty.

These also had a nice texture and really elevate the traditional pumpkin pie.

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Caramel Apple Pumpkin Pie


It is pie season!

That means my slight obsession and love of pies is completely acceptable and beneficial! It also means my spare time and day dreams  are filled with pie ideas and of course baking them. Last week I spent Wednesday baking up all my pumpkin and apple combinations. Then I switched it up Thursday and made ALL my pies out of cranberries.

Not only do I have all these pies to sell, but mostly I made them to share with you!

This pie was a sleeper for me. I wasn’t as enthused for it as I was for some others (I was pumped for the Chocolate Cranberry Pecan I have coming later this week). I will be honest that the real lack of enthusiasm is because I am not a pumpkin pie fan. However, this apple filling was delicious! And  it harmonized beautifully with the pumpkin. It added more flavors and another texture. This all made it one of my favorite pies out of ALL of them.

Plus there seems to be some very traditional pies this time of year. At work I have been making apple, pecan, pumpkin and cherry. So it is nice to combine some, so you don’t have to make so many individual ones!

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Butternut Pecan Pie

img_20161029_143327I will confess right off the bat that this recipe is not fully what I had envisioned. It is however very good.

Two months ago I wanted to make a butternut pie topped with baked apples and a pecan crumble for one of my markets. I vetoed it though when editing, because it seemed like something I would love and know is good, but it would not sell as well as a s’mores pie or a twix tart. I sacrificed even though I know these flavors work well together because I make a bake with this bacon and pork (click the link for the recipe).

This week, however, I found my chance. My cousin Jacki was in town with her newborn Evergreen (Evi for short). We were all meeting at my grandparents to meet her. I was set on taking some pies. I still had French Silks, but I could fill in with these Fall flavors. My grandfather has Celiac’s, so gluten-free is always appreciated.

My lack of a cutting board and knife (tucked away in a box somewhere, waiting on our move the next day), had me cutting the apple. Truthfully the French Silk was probably the show stopper, however, I had one these next day, however, and I loved the subtle flavors. Reminiscent of pumpkin, but not pumpkin. A nice little Fall pie. If I added the apples, it would be perfection. Someone did comment on my photo that it was, “This is the visual jam for today.”I’ll take it!

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