10 of My All-Time Favorite Recipes

I have been doing some major updating on my websites and brand lately. 2017 is the year of P3. It has my undivided attention and focus. No distracting job or bs to deal with. I can give it the time it needs to be nourished and to grow. For all the creative ideas brimming inside me to come into the light.

With that being said, I have been updating some of my different pages. Someone gave me the wonderful suggestion of labeling my recipes as dairy-free, vegan, etc. This required me going back through and clicking each recipe to give the ingredients a quick check. Man I have posted a lot of recipes over the past 3 ½ years. My first post was a spiced apple cake (scroll down for the recipe) on June 3, 2013. Since then I have posted nearly 170 recipes, plus even more posts on my thoughts, exercise, and travel.

It was quite nostalgic going back through and I forgot about a lot of them. And I forgot how good some of them are. So I started saving them as I went, I figured I’d do a post of my all-time favorite recipes before I dive into the future and post more. I ended up saving 29 of them! I decided to break this down into 10 a day, plus a new recipe added to Thursday post.

So today we begin! Here are 10 of my all-time-favorite P3 recipes!

11030995_396617377215559_4230217462226588806_n.jpgBlueberry Basil Goat Cheese Tart

This is quite possibly my very-all-time-favorite. I was so pumped when I made it. All market I had been eyeing some fresh blueberries. My head kept whirling with ideas. I don’t eat desserts often, but cheesecake is my personal favorite sweet treat (for our wedding reception I made 9 made from scratch). Replace the cream cheese with goat cheese. My market neighbor gave me some basil. My grandma had given me some quinoa flour. It was a perfect blend of sweet, with a touch of savory. Plus I will never forget inviting my mother and nephew Trenton over to taste-test for me (thank goodness for such willing taste-testers). They plopped down right on the floor next to my table and ate their entire slices and then some. Devoured. I thought they would take it home. But it was too good to even make it out the door.

20160527_201157.jpgSweet Potato Taco Bowls

Being a baker, people give you a lot of baking pans and accessories. I am so blessed to have so many people invest in my passion. Somehow I ended up with some taco bowl pans. My sister-in-law had requested tacos for dinner. It was the perfect time to use the bowls for my husband and I (granted we were still dating at this point). We loved sweet potatoes. So I definitely wanted to use them. They were so beautiful when I took them out of the pan. We had a date to go biking out at Terre Haute’s new bike park, first though. That didn’t stop Zach from munching on the crust. He was content and loved just eating the crust. Then we filled them and it was one of the best meals we’ve made together.

almond coconut.jpgAlmond Coconut Ice Cream

Okay in the first one I said I’m not a big sweet eater, I should have clarified that I am not a big baked-goods sweet eater (which I know is odd since I’m a baker). Ice cream is my sweet of choice. I will blame this on my father, that I inherited this from him. It’s his weakness too, as well as my nephew Gavin’s too. Clearly it is hereditary. I have experimented with making several ice creams over the years. This is my favorite. And this post is making me want to make some new kinds (Zach too is an ice cream man). I don’t have an ice cream maker, so I keep it simple. Think of a flavor. Mix it with coconut or almond milk. Freeze it in a glass bowl. Run it through my food processor to make it creamy (in this instance I would add things like cookie dough after the food processor step). Eat.

apple spice cake.jpgApple Balsamic Spiced Cake

This is my first ever recipe post on my website! I remember it. I baked it in a bundt pan, so it was a beautiful ring. So moist. Covered all over in cooked apples. I took it to my mom’s kettlebell class to try afterwards. My mother still talks about how good this cake was, years later.

bacon wrapped butternut apple.jpgBacon Wrapped Pork Loin Stuffed with Butternut & Apples

THIS IS MY FAVORITE DINNER RECIPE EVER! Truth I’ve made it multiple times and I have gotten many on the butternut kick with me. My best friend called me one afternoon telling me her mad respect for me and my culinary skills, as she tried to replicate it, spent two hours cutting a butternut, and nearly lost a finger cutting it. This picture is definitely from her house the next time I made it. So good. The apples with the butternut and pecans is a perfect blend of sweet and savory and texture. And pork is the best meat to pair with it. Plus wrapping proteins in bacon before cooking, makes it so juicy and moist. I want to make some just posting this. Legit. My stomach is now growling. And my mouth is salivating. If you try any recipe on this list of 30 this week, this is the one YOU MUST TRY.

black forest pancakes.jpgBlack Forest Pancakes

This is one of my first posts, but yet another that really sticks out in my mind. It is beautiful for one. I use it as one of my photos on any advertisement. Plus cherries are kind of my favorite foods. And when I am baking I love to pair it with chocolate. Also I can once again vividly remember my mother’s reaction to it. It’s another recipe she still talks about years later. It’s a strong food memory, when you can still taste it three years later.

cabbage chips.jpgCabbage Chips

Besides cherries, cabbage is one of my favorite foods as well. One summer I ate it practically every day. This same summer, I was also really into using my dehydrator that someone had given me. Therefore, if I didn’t have time to fry up some cabbage or I was really on the go (this was also the summer I stopped driving completely and I rode my bike probably close to 100 miles a week), then I could have these chips. It’s really easy, and really tasty. Especially for me. I know kale is trendy, but I am not a fan. So these chips are perfect for me.

loaded sweet potato soup.jpgLoaded Sweet Potato Soup

I am not typically a big soup eater or maker, but something about this last fall and this winter (I currently have a parsnip soup going in my crockpot today) has me craving soup. And growing up we ate a lot of potatoes. My mother is very much a meat and potato kind of girl. She used to make some bomb loaded potato soup. I don’t eat regular potatoes anymore, but my husband and I love some sweet potatoes. Therefore, I decided I would give the loaded potato soup a makeover. Wow! This was perfect on a dreary cold day, and I ate the leftovers every day. So good!

reverse reese cookie.jpgReverse Reese Cookies

One year I was on a kick of taking my cookie recipe and tweaking it for different flavors. I made a thyme and salt, caramel stuffed, butternut stuffed, reese, and more. This is probably one of my favorites out of them all. Mostly because I have always enjoyed chocolate and peanut butter.

pretzel buns.jpgPretzel Buns

When I went to Colorado two years ago for my cousins wedding, I was on a kick for trying out different gluten-free baked goods. Mostly because it is readily available out there. I wanted to see how I stacked up. I was also looking for inspiration. I was really on it with hamburger buns that week for some reason. Maybe because I was working at a burger joint, and I was making pretzel buns fresh every day. I was set on making a gluten-free pretzel bun for myself. I have always liked pretzels. And I was a little shocked and in awe when the first batch tasted liked pretzels. I had to give them away so I wouldn’t eat them all (the true sign of something really good, is me giving it away).

That is all today for my favorites, stay tuned the rest of the week, for 20 more!



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